Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A couple days before we left to go back to Colorado we took a trip to Island Park to see Grandma and Grandpa Allen and then headed to Yellowstone.  It was nice to see the Grandparents.  I love them.  They are cute.  The kids like to go to their cabin and throw rocks into the creek.  It's pretty cool taking my kids to the creek that we used to play in when we were little.

Rhys and Brenner.  They are such buddies.  Bren was just getting over Croup so he wasn't 100% while in Yellowstone.

Elsa wasn't super into seeing her Great-Grandpa.

Alyssa picked Elsa a flower.

Us girls with Grandma.

Seeing the geysers.  They are pretty awesome. 

I took this picture at a somewhat awkward moment. 

Elsa, Rhys, Brenner, and Alyssa

Eating our Chokecherry ice cream waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.  It was delicious ice cream.  Old Faithful wasn't as big as I remember it but it was still cool.  The kids thought it was awesome.

Rhys fell asleep in the stroller while we were walking around.  For Rhys that is a really bad sign.  He and Elsa started getting feverish on the way home from Yellowstone.  I took them to the doctor the next day.  Guess what?  They both had Croup.  Thanks Brenner!!!  They always get sick when we come to Idaho so I was really not surprised.  They felt better in a couple days and were healthy for the ride back to Colorado.


city said...

thanks for sharing.

MegJill said...

So glad we got to spend time with you while in Idaho! The kids are sad we missed Yellowstone this year, but we've got it on the list for our next trip home.