Monday, July 26, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

We have been so busy for the last couple weeks! I need to get back to Puerto Rico so I can take a break. We're busy but we're having a lot of fun. Last weekend we made a little trip to Saint George, Utah to hang out with Sarah and TJ. They look for any excuse they can find to get out of Ely. So we met in St. George and hung out. We went to this park there that Sarah and TJ love, and now I know why. It was such a blast! Rhys really wasn't into the Splash Park in Rexburg but he was all over the park here. It's much hotter here so he wasn't as cold. There's this little creek and a fountain for the kids to play in and it's so much fun.

Alyssa was trying to make a dam with her body. Rhys was diggin' it.

Alyssa is such a good Rhys helper.

We were playing in the fountain.

We went to this park place where you climb around on all the rocks. It is so hot in St. George!! we tried to get there in the morning before it go too hot, but we were late. I was a sweaty beast after wards (I'm sure you all wanted to know that!)

Aren't they so cute!! Brenner was loving the rocks.

After we got back from Utah we made a trip up to Island Park and Yellowstone for a couple days. The kids really liked camping. Rhys and I got to sleep in the cabin though because Mom thought Rhys would get too cold. That's what happens when you live in Puerto Rico most of your life I guess! Dad slept in this weird hammocky thing that he made. It's hard to tell but Alyssa and Kenya are inside. The kids thought it was pretty fun swinging on the hammock.

We took a trip to Yellowstone. Mostly we drove around all day because my Mom isn't very aggressive when it comes to finding parking spots. It was pretty busy there when we went and if she couldn't find a parking spot right off, she would just keep driving. We did find a parking spot at Mammoth so we got out for a bit to let the kids look at the geysers.

Remember how I said we drove around most of the day? Well, all that driving, plus windey roads, plus little kids equals throw up. I'm so tired of throw up!!! Anyway, Rhys threw up ALL OVER!! It was disgusting. We went to this waterfall and the only extra clothes I had brought for him was this jacket. He was the little ragmuffin child wandering around Yellowstone. I was actually really embarrassed that he didn't have pants on so I ended up carrying him on my shoulders down this hike hoping it would be less obvious.
Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin
This is Max. He is SO busy. We were trying to light a fire and get ready for hot dogs and smores and he was just getting into everything! So we put this backpack on him and Esther got a long rope and she tied it to a tree. Anyway, if you notice he's gotten himself tangled around the chairs and tables. Yes, she tied her child to a tree. It was awesome.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

More pictures for Daddy

Rhys had a blast at the River here in Idaho Falls. He loves birds and ducks so he had an awesome time watching the birds here. I thought the pictures of him with the temple are so cute and I think it's fitting seeings how Scott and I were married there just over 3 years ago.

He's clapping.

This is us at the splash park in Rexburg. Max is in the yellow Sponge Bob swimsuit. They spent a lot of time just staring at people.

Finally! Contact with the water! It took a while for him not to freak out when the water got on him. Who would have thought this kid would have been like that, huh! I was baffled.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pictures for daddy

Rhys and I are in Idaho spending time with family and unfortunately we had to leave Scott behind to work. Boo. So these pictures are mostly for Scott so he can see his cute kid. This first picture is what happens when you leave Rhys alone for a couple of minutes with the milk carton. It's hard to see but the chair he's sitting in is full of milk as well as the bowl. It was really hard to be mad cause he was so proud of himself for pouring the milk himself.

We had a little get together at Esther's to celebrate Kynwynn's birthday. We roasted smores and played badminton and Rhys had fun playing with his cousins and getting REALLY dirty.

He loves this swing. Especially when TJ pushes him high.
Playing in the pool. I thing this shot of Max is really funny.

We miss you!!