Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun Updates!!

We've had some fun times here lately. Our friends Jesse and Kirsten (Kirsten, I hope I spelled it right!) Berg visited us from Alaska. We had awesome times together while we lived there. So they decided to take a break from the cold and visit us here. I had fun and I hope they had fun too. We took a trip out to a small island named Culebra, and I have to just add that Scott is awesome and entertained Rhys the whole ferry ride over so I could concentrate on not throwing up (I get super sick). It wouldn't have turned out well if I would have had to wrestle Rhys the whole time. We made it the whole way there and back without any barfing and that made me happy. I love the Bergs and I'm so glad they came out here. Come back ANYTIME!!

Here's the Bergs on the ferry out to Culebra

This is Flaminco Beach in Culebra. Rhys quickly fell in love with the Bergs. He was obsessed with this disposable camera Kirsten had gotten and carried it around quite a bit.
Gotta have the camera!!

Sharing some ice cream on the beach. Does life get better?

It was a long day and we were wiped out afterwords.
This is how the boys spent a lot of their time at home. Jesse brought his own controller from Alaska just in case we didn't have one. Both of the boys are kinda obsessed with video games.
We finally made it to the caves!! It was awesome cause we showed up and didn't have to wait (Which for Puerto Rico is AMAZING!!) You have to wait for everything here. We went there when Sarah and TJ came but didn't stay cause we would have had to wait forever. It's a pretty cool little tour. You take this trolley ride down to the entrance and they let you walk around. There's creepy bugs and bats and ... I don't know...cave-ness. I thought the cave tour in Ely was better but it was still cool. I hope that makes you feel better Sarah, for us not doing the caves here.
This was seriously the biggest spider I've ever seen!! I was just waiting for it to jump off the wall at me.
Thanks again for coming Jesse and Kirsten. We had fun. Thanks for being patient when I wasn't feeling good.

Speaking of not feeling good, some of you might not know, but ....drumroll... I'm pregnant. We are very excited to add another little person to our family. It's been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster with this baby so far. A couple weeks ago we did a sonogram and we saw two heartbeats. The doctor wasn't positive that it was twins cause they were so little but he said it was a 70% chance that we were having twins.
Scott and I were freaking out, to say the least. The doctor wanted us to come back a week later and we would look again at the babies. It was a long week just wondering and not knowing for sure, but thinking that it probably was twins. Not so fun. Anyway, I went back yesterday and we looked again. Turns out that there's just one baby and the second heartbeat we saw was the umbilical cord. Apparently that can pulse like a heartbeat as well. So, that was kind of annoying. But now we know for sure, we are just having one baby and so far all is well. We're due at the beginning of July, and we're planning on staying here to have it. Having a baby in Puerto Rico!! That should be an adventure....

Monday, October 25, 2010


Last week was my husband, Scott's, 30th birthday. Can you believe that? 30? I'm married to such an old man!!! It's craziness to me. Pretty soon his arthritis will start kicking in and his hair will turn gray and there will be nothing else to live for!! He might as well just throw in the towel right now!!
But if he did that, I would be sad. I have the best husband in the world and I am so proud of him. I love the man that he is and the way he makes me feel about myself. I never have to wonder if he loves me because he tells me like 20 times a day and spoils the heck out of me. What else could you ask for? He's an amazing man and an incredible Dad and I think it's so awesome that I get to spend the next 30 (hopefully more) years of his life with him.

I love you Scott!!! Happy Birthday!!

Scott was very specific about the cake that he wanted for his birthday. It had to be lemon cake, with lemon filling, with whip cream frosting, and sprinkles. (It's what his mom used to make, before they discovered Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. We would have had that, but there isn't a Dairy Queen here. Don't you feel sorry for us?) We had dinner with some of our friends and celebrated with this beautiful creation. It was delicious.

Monday, October 11, 2010


I swear I'm not a bad mom! He's just a busy kid. Scott and I were talking the other day and he mentioned how Rhys' bump from Sasha was clearing up pretty quickly, and that was good cause we were supposed to get our family pictures taken today. Well, yesterday at church we were at choir practice and I had to go make some copies. A minute later, one of the kids comes in to the office and is like

"uh, you should come cause Rhys hit his face and he's covered in blood".

He'd fallen into a low window and hit his face on the weird Puerto Rican window knobs. Both Rhys and Scott had blood all over them. You know how much face and head cuts bleed. It's crazy how much a little cut can bleed!!

So, Scott messed it all up with his little comment and jinxed family pictures. Rhys is fine though. We have a neighbor that's a retired pediatrician so we took him over to her to see if he needed stitches. She said he was fine. Scott and I get a little jumpy around blood I guess.

Just a random shot that I think is cute.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Y'all know that we have a huge dog, right? Well, if you didn't know, there's a picture of her in this post. She's a small great dane (small meaning she only weighs 120 pounds and not 200). We were outside with her the other day playing and sometimes she gets really excited and starts running around in circles like a crazy animal. So she started doing her psycho running and Rhys was standing in the yard laughing at her. I remember I commented to Scott, "I really hope she doesn't run into him" . He was like, "No, she won't run into him, she's really good at turning around things and not hitting them". Right after that comment left his mouth, POW!! She plows top speed, face first right into him.
There was the most sickening smacking sound and he went flying. It was terrible!! Both Scott and I took off running towards them. Rhys landed with his back to me and I was sure he would be covered in blood or something. Scott said his first thought was " Oh crap! I don't want to go to the hospital here in Puerto Rico!!"
We were lucky nothing was bloody or broken. Rhys has a head of steel or something. He is seriously an amazing kid. This picture was taken literally 3 minutes after it happened. He cried for about 2 minutes as we were running him into the house. The he wanted down from my arms, went straight to the pantry and pointed to the fruit snacks. Then he sat on my lap laughing at Scott while he ate his fruit snacks. I can't believe it.
So now I know when Sasha starts doing her insane running thing to pick Rhys us ASAP cause I don't want to see that again.

These pictures were taken before Rhys got the huge forehead bruise. We went to a couple of beaches this weekend. Rhys let us cover him with sand. His face was cracking me up.

This was the day before the stupid dog incident when we were still liking her (we still like her, we just think she's really dumb) so we took her to the beach for a run. She likes to chase birds down the beach. It's really funny when we park at the beach and there's other people there. You should see their faces when we get Sasha out of our car (most the people around here have little sissy wimpy dogs). Sometimes they take pictures of her and I think it's funny.
Anyway, we're still enjoying life here in Puerto Rico!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Sweet Idaho

I'm finally getting around to adding pictures of our Sweet trip. Scott's parents live in this little town, Sweet, in the middle of nowhere. It's so much fun to go there because there's so much to do. Every time we go there we vow to have lots and lots of toys one day. It was a blast. Well, for most of us anyway. Scott was sick for most of the time which is lame, but Rhys and I had fun the whole time. So here we are having fun!!

We love seeing the animals. Rhys especially liked feeding the horses and poking the rabbits and scaring them. He'd do his mischevious laugh when they'd hop to the opposite side of the cage. He's such a little boy.

This is how we found the kids a lot of the time. They love the 4-wheelers. Especially Rhys. He was obsessed with them. He would find a way to escape the house and we'd find him up on one of them pretending to drive. It's funny cause he can barely reach both handles.

I like riding horses in my flip flops.

I found these cowboy boots before Rhys was born and he grew into them at the perfect time. He loves them. I think they're so cute. Here is Rhys with Sadie. She's like a million years old, blind in one eye, and mostly toothless. She's the best dog ever and I seriously love her. Jane and Blaine are going to put her to sleep before they leave on their mission cause she's fading fast. I almost cried when I said goodbye to her.

One of the days we were there we took the horses up to the mountains and rode around. So much fun!! I really want to be a cowgirl. My horse was named Blackjack and he loves to run. My butt was so sore the next day, but it was worth it.

We took the kids to the Zoo one day. The kids had a really good time but I think Rhys was afraid of the tiger.

Another day we loaded up the 4-wheelers and went for a fun ride. I feel so hard core. Except the fact that I didn't want to go too fast with a toddler strapped to me. It was awesome.

Me and my sister-in-law Lisa. It was good dirty fun. I miss Idaho already!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

We have been so busy for the last couple weeks! I need to get back to Puerto Rico so I can take a break. We're busy but we're having a lot of fun. Last weekend we made a little trip to Saint George, Utah to hang out with Sarah and TJ. They look for any excuse they can find to get out of Ely. So we met in St. George and hung out. We went to this park there that Sarah and TJ love, and now I know why. It was such a blast! Rhys really wasn't into the Splash Park in Rexburg but he was all over the park here. It's much hotter here so he wasn't as cold. There's this little creek and a fountain for the kids to play in and it's so much fun.

Alyssa was trying to make a dam with her body. Rhys was diggin' it.

Alyssa is such a good Rhys helper.

We were playing in the fountain.

We went to this park place where you climb around on all the rocks. It is so hot in St. George!! we tried to get there in the morning before it go too hot, but we were late. I was a sweaty beast after wards (I'm sure you all wanted to know that!)

Aren't they so cute!! Brenner was loving the rocks.

After we got back from Utah we made a trip up to Island Park and Yellowstone for a couple days. The kids really liked camping. Rhys and I got to sleep in the cabin though because Mom thought Rhys would get too cold. That's what happens when you live in Puerto Rico most of your life I guess! Dad slept in this weird hammocky thing that he made. It's hard to tell but Alyssa and Kenya are inside. The kids thought it was pretty fun swinging on the hammock.

We took a trip to Yellowstone. Mostly we drove around all day because my Mom isn't very aggressive when it comes to finding parking spots. It was pretty busy there when we went and if she couldn't find a parking spot right off, she would just keep driving. We did find a parking spot at Mammoth so we got out for a bit to let the kids look at the geysers.

Remember how I said we drove around most of the day? Well, all that driving, plus windey roads, plus little kids equals throw up. I'm so tired of throw up!!! Anyway, Rhys threw up ALL OVER!! It was disgusting. We went to this waterfall and the only extra clothes I had brought for him was this jacket. He was the little ragmuffin child wandering around Yellowstone. I was actually really embarrassed that he didn't have pants on so I ended up carrying him on my shoulders down this hike hoping it would be less obvious.
Hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin
This is Max. He is SO busy. We were trying to light a fire and get ready for hot dogs and smores and he was just getting into everything! So we put this backpack on him and Esther got a long rope and she tied it to a tree. Anyway, if you notice he's gotten himself tangled around the chairs and tables. Yes, she tied her child to a tree. It was awesome.