Monday, January 2, 2012


Santa was so sweet and brought me a sewing machine for Christmas. Just what I wanted! How did he know?! I'm so excited to learn to make really cute things now and be able to mend my own clothes. I've been hard at work figuring out how to work it. It's a Kenmore, and seems to be pretty user friendly. I haven't broken it yet so that's a good sign.

I was so proud of myself because I had to tell the fabric cutter lady how much fabric I wanted in Spanish and she actually understood what I said. Luckily the word YARD in Spanish is YARDA. That's the kind of Spanish I like speaking.

I had seen these cute Christmas napkins a while ago and really liked them. I'm so excited that I made something really cute and I didn't break my sewing machine or get super frustrated, like what usually happens when I sew. Now I'm on the lookout for another fun sewing project.

I just bought a pattern book from Ammeesbabies with tons of crochet flower patterns. I've been having fun trying some of the patterns out. They turn out so cute! I have a pretty cute model as well, so I think that might help their cuteness. This one is the gardenia and is so easy but turns out so great!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Snow in Puerto Rico

So every year at Plaza Las Americas they make it"snow". Which is really cool for kids who have never seen snow before. It's not actually snow, it's foam bubbles the shoot from the ceiling. Brinlee, who has seen snow before, was really disappointed when she learned she couldn't build a snowman with the snow. Rhys thought it was really cool though but he has no basis for comparison. I think it's really weird that my kids have never seen snow before.

It does really look like snow when it falls. Sigh, I miss snow.

This is Brinlee. I want her to marry Rhys so they can have beautiful blonde haired blue eyed children. She wasn't fooled by the fake snow.
This is Fisher. He is so cute! He played with Rhys the whole time. We got his face painted. I think he looks awesome.

Christmas Time in Puerto Rico

The day after Christmas we spent the day in Old San Juan. Ever since I finally found out where the ferry terminal is, and I don't have to drive and park there (it's a nightmare!) I've been wanting to go out to Old San Juan more. It's fun just to go and bumb around sometimes. Rhys really likes riding on the ferry too. We brought Rhys' kite and went to the big lawn near Fort Morrow. It's a very popular place for kite flying. People just go out there, fly their kites, and hang out. It's so much fun.

Rhys got tired of kite flying after a couple of minutes and rolled down the hill a bunch of times instead.

I love spending the day in Old San Juan with my cute family.