Thursday, April 8, 2010

So the baby discovered the hose...

I might be a bad Mom. I'm not sure. So today Rhys had spaghetti-o's for lunch and he made a BIG mess. Huge. So instead of putting him in the bathtub to wash off, I stripped him down and put a sprinkler in the backyard. He loves playing in the sprinkler anyway, he just got to do it naked. I wonder what my neighbors were thinking as they saw this butt naked baby playing in the yard. They probably all think I'm insane already anyway, so I probably shouldn't worry.
Anyway, I took the sprinkler off so I could really hose him down and I showed him how to drink out of the hose. He thought it was pretty cool. So this evening we were out playing in the yard again (yes, I let my son run around in a diaper a lot. It's hot here!!) and I turned the hose on again for him. I love the fact that he had the hose between his legs. It just makes it look really funny. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 3, 2010