Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Spy...

I spy with my little eye.. one little two year old who has to sleep with as many toys as possible. This is how I found him when I checked on him the other night. I'm afraid that he might be a hoarder one day.
Elsa is 4 months old!! Rhys still likes her and wants to hold her. He's such a good brother. I thought this picture was so cute!! I'm going to be really sad if he gets to where he doesn't like her anymore. It will be really depressing.

It's really hot. We decided, after a long, sweaty day of working in the house and lawn that we needed to cool down. They ganged up on me once I put down the camera. It felt really good.

Another cute crochet head band!! I'm so excited about this crochet flower pattern book I got while I was in Idaho. I finally had a chance to try making some stuff out of it. I'm so excited about the stuff I can make now! If you can't tell it's a rose with a little rosebud and some leaves (I can make crochet leaves!!! How awesome is that?!) P.S., don't I have the cutest little headband modeler? Now I just need to figure out how to make crochet ties or something so Rhys doesn't feel left out!

We had Miranda's Baby shower recently. It was so much fun!! I'm sad I didn't take more pictures. She got the awesomest gift ever! Granny panties and this sweet house coat. I'm actually kinda jealous of the sweet house coat. I'd totally wear it if it was cool!