Friday, February 19, 2010

Funny Picture

Rhys got some lollypops from his Aunt Lisa for Valentines day. He enjoyed them a lot!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Today is my sister Sarah's 30th birthday! She's getting so old!! Sarah likes to post silly pictures of people on their birthday so I decided to look through all my old photos to find pictures of her. Sarah, I love you to death and hope you have a happy, happy birthday!!

A few years ago we took a trip to Costa Rica and we went on one of those zip line tours. You get to ride horses up to the trees and back. Sarah had the LAZIEST horse ever!! She was always last and got stuck riding next to the tour guides making uncomfortable small talk. Plus, it had a really bad name. It was like a swear word in Spanish, but she didn't know that until the end, after she had been calling it that the whole time.

Sarah and TJ love to cosmic bowl. Which is, you dress up in silly outfits and go bowling. Bowling is much more fun when you look like a total dork.

Ever watch Saturday Night Live? Sloppy Joe..Slop, Sloppy Joe....

Ok, so this is NOT Sarah, just so you know. While I was looking for pictures of Sarah, I found this really funny one of mom that I had to post. That dinosaur thing in her hand is a water gun. If I remember right, she got into a water fight with some of the kids in the house. I think she was doing the dishes or something and it got out of hand and this is what happened. It was really funny. This is one of the many reasons I love my mom.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Continuing Adventures!!

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while now and I've been totally lame-o. These first pictures are some of Rhys cause, you know, it's really not a blog entry until I've posted pictures of him. So, here he is! This week we went to play at the little park in our neighborhood. He's getting a lot better at walking so I figured he might actually have fun on the toys now. He had a blast walking all over, crawling through all the tubes, and finding leaves to put in his mouth. He's so cute!!

A few weekends ago we went on a little jaunt to Ponce (pronounced Pon-say for all you gringos), which is on the south side of the island. It is such a cool little town. We went to this boardwalk by the beach where you can watch all the boats come in. There are pelicans all over this boardwalk. Scott was trying to get me to touch one of them, but I'm pretty sure if they wanted to they could bite my fingers off. That would not be awesome.
Oh, yes, and Megs, it's January in these pictures and we are all wearing shorts!! It is still so hot!!

We took a tour of this really old cool house. The owner of the house was an architect and very wealthy for that day and age. He had the coolest shower ever!! Back then you were lucky if you had running water period, and he had a shower. It was sweet. Here you can climb up this rickety spiral staircase to get to a patio on the roof. It was nice and breeze up there, and a pretty good view to spy on your neighbors!
Lonely Planet says that this is the most photographed building in Puerto Rico, so I had to take a picture! It's an old fire house. I have no idea why they made it look like this, but it's pretty unique. I dug it. Maybe Scott will let us paint our house like this one day!