Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Today is my sister Sarah's 30th birthday! She's getting so old!! Sarah likes to post silly pictures of people on their birthday so I decided to look through all my old photos to find pictures of her. Sarah, I love you to death and hope you have a happy, happy birthday!!

A few years ago we took a trip to Costa Rica and we went on one of those zip line tours. You get to ride horses up to the trees and back. Sarah had the LAZIEST horse ever!! She was always last and got stuck riding next to the tour guides making uncomfortable small talk. Plus, it had a really bad name. It was like a swear word in Spanish, but she didn't know that until the end, after she had been calling it that the whole time.

Sarah and TJ love to cosmic bowl. Which is, you dress up in silly outfits and go bowling. Bowling is much more fun when you look like a total dork.

Ever watch Saturday Night Live? Sloppy Joe..Slop, Sloppy Joe....

Ok, so this is NOT Sarah, just so you know. While I was looking for pictures of Sarah, I found this really funny one of mom that I had to post. That dinosaur thing in her hand is a water gun. If I remember right, she got into a water fight with some of the kids in the house. I think she was doing the dishes or something and it got out of hand and this is what happened. It was really funny. This is one of the many reasons I love my mom.


MegJill said...

Those are quite the pictures. Not as embarrassing for her as the ones I've seen put up of Esther! Love the bowling outfits the best.

mikwynnjordyla said...

Ha Ha! That was the day that Mom threw the toilet water onto Mike. It's a right of passage in this family.