Saturday, November 12, 2011

I feel brave over something not so scary...

Scott did this thing about 12 times without breaking a sweat. I did it once and nearly freaked out. I almost backed out, but then I remembered all the 9 year olds I saw going down it and my pride wouldn't let me. I did it once, and I will never do it again.

El Conquistador!!!

It's been a while since our family had a fun Puerto Rican experience. We decided we would take advantage of the long weekend and honor the Veterans by going to the Conquistador. It's this ginormous hotel in Fajardo. We had a blast! It was exactly what our family needed. The kids are pooped and kinda grumpy from playing but it was SO worth it. In the lobby area they have several types of birds. Rhys thought they were awesome. There was a cockatoo that says hola. That was pretty exciting for all the kids that stopped to check him out.

After we went down the big slide. We were surprised they let him come down the slides with us. They said he just had to be 36 inches tall. I really don't think he met the height requirement but nobody stopped us.

We were right across from the ocean. It was nice and cool. There are two sections to the hotel, one at the top and one at the bottom of a huge hill. We were at the bottom so we got to take a little cart, trainy thing up the hill. That was really fun for Rhys. He got really excited whenever we told him we were going to ride the train.
He got to sleep on his own huge bed. It took him over an hour to fall asleep. He just wouldn't stop playing. Scott and I went out on the deck to read our books and we would see some of the lamps come on. He was obsessed with this desk lamp that he liked to turn on and off. He got totally busted.
Scott was pumping the A/C like crazy (because he can). I was cold and I thought the kids were too. But they don't have blankets so we used towels for the kids. So Rhys slept under bath towel and Elsa got a hand towel.

Watching the sun rise while having a delicious waffle on the deck. We scored a pretty nice breakfast from the cafe there.

We took the catamaran out to El Conquistador's private island, Palomino Island. Elsa fell asleep on the way there so I spent a bunch of the time vegging out, snuggling her, which I love to do anyway. Rhys was super tired too so I got to snuggle him for a while as well. We didn't stay very long because we had to go check out, and I think had we waited too long Rhys might have had a melt down. He was wore out!!

So much fun!


I completely forgot that we had Halloween here until I was downloading my pictures from my camera and saw some adorable children (mine) in their costumes. Rhys is still wearing his Spiderman costume. He's been wearing it so much that the it was starting to fall apart. We had to take it to Beckki's house and she sewed it back together for us. It was really nice of her. I keep reminding Scott that I want a sewing machine for Christmas.
At the ward Halloween party they had games and Rhys won these super scary vampire teeth. Pretty awesome!

Look at the beautiful color coordinated babies!! Heather's Baby Mia (L) was born 10 days after Elsa. Kandace's baby Riley(R) is about 2 1/2 months older. It was so fun to be pregnant at the same time.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Spy...

I spy with my little eye.. one little two year old who has to sleep with as many toys as possible. This is how I found him when I checked on him the other night. I'm afraid that he might be a hoarder one day.
Elsa is 4 months old!! Rhys still likes her and wants to hold her. He's such a good brother. I thought this picture was so cute!! I'm going to be really sad if he gets to where he doesn't like her anymore. It will be really depressing.

It's really hot. We decided, after a long, sweaty day of working in the house and lawn that we needed to cool down. They ganged up on me once I put down the camera. It felt really good.

Another cute crochet head band!! I'm so excited about this crochet flower pattern book I got while I was in Idaho. I finally had a chance to try making some stuff out of it. I'm so excited about the stuff I can make now! If you can't tell it's a rose with a little rosebud and some leaves (I can make crochet leaves!!! How awesome is that?!) P.S., don't I have the cutest little headband modeler? Now I just need to figure out how to make crochet ties or something so Rhys doesn't feel left out!

We had Miranda's Baby shower recently. It was so much fun!! I'm sad I didn't take more pictures. She got the awesomest gift ever! Granny panties and this sweet house coat. I'm actually kinda jealous of the sweet house coat. I'd totally wear it if it was cool!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Fun Trip to Idaho

We just got back from a much needed trip to Idaho. We were desperately needing to get off the island for a while. Plus, I wanted to show off Elsa to the family. My sister Sarah and her family came from Nevada to see us for a couple days. We were glad the came to see us.

We went to Island Park were my grandparents live.

Alyssa, Brenner and Naysa at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Brenner, Mikayla, Rhys, Me, and Max. Sharing cheetos. It was such a good feeling hanging out with some of my beautiful nieces and nephews. I love my family so much.
Throwing rocks into the creek

Naysa doing what she does best. She's such a chunk. This girl is 6 months old and wears 18 months. She weighs just a couple pounds less than Rhys. She's so cute though. She looks just like a Cabbage Patch Doll.
Elsa with her Great Grandma
Brenner threw a fit for some reason. It cracked me up. Now that I'm a mother of a fit-throwing child, I get a little satisfaction when other people's kids throw fits. It makes me feel good to know my child isn't the only one freaking out.
We went to Warm River (which is actually very cold). Sarah's dog Molly was in the back of the truck and tried to follow us to the river. Unfortunatley she didn't know she was tied in. TJ quickly rushed over and saved her from choking.

Jordan (4 years old) and Mesa Falls

Elsa decided to spit up a ton (most of it was inside the wrap) at Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls

Sarah, TJ, Alyssa, and Brenner

We love Dairy Queen. We went as many times as we could. I made the mistake of letting Rhys have a bite of my blizzard. This is his reaction when I tried to get a bite of my own dessert.
We got him his own ice cream cone and he was much happier (and I got my blizzard back!)
We were able to make a trip to Sweet to see Grandma and Grandpa Dahlstrom. It was a really good time. The boys love the 4- wheelers and the animals.
Rhys had such a good time with his cousin Bryson. They are so friggin cute together. They found super hero costumes and were running around together. I so much wish we lived closer to them and they could play more often. Rhys looks up to Bryson so much.

Taking the kids to feed the horses and the rabbits.

Grandma and Grandpa Dahlstrom

Greg, Kelli, Bryson, and Coulson. We love them so much!!

Kynwynn and her kids came to the zoo with us one day. The kids had such a fun time. It was a pretty cool day so the animals were more active than we've ever seen them. The lion was out and roared. I've never heard that in real life. The kids didn't really care but us adults thought it was awesome.
Feeding and petting the goats and sheep.

Fun with stickers

This is what happens when Rhys gets a hold of a sheet of stickers. Good times!!

Getting ready to go to the beach

Look at the cute headband I made!! (It took me about 2 days because I kept messing up)