Saturday, November 12, 2011

El Conquistador!!!

It's been a while since our family had a fun Puerto Rican experience. We decided we would take advantage of the long weekend and honor the Veterans by going to the Conquistador. It's this ginormous hotel in Fajardo. We had a blast! It was exactly what our family needed. The kids are pooped and kinda grumpy from playing but it was SO worth it. In the lobby area they have several types of birds. Rhys thought they were awesome. There was a cockatoo that says hola. That was pretty exciting for all the kids that stopped to check him out.

After we went down the big slide. We were surprised they let him come down the slides with us. They said he just had to be 36 inches tall. I really don't think he met the height requirement but nobody stopped us.

We were right across from the ocean. It was nice and cool. There are two sections to the hotel, one at the top and one at the bottom of a huge hill. We were at the bottom so we got to take a little cart, trainy thing up the hill. That was really fun for Rhys. He got really excited whenever we told him we were going to ride the train.
He got to sleep on his own huge bed. It took him over an hour to fall asleep. He just wouldn't stop playing. Scott and I went out on the deck to read our books and we would see some of the lamps come on. He was obsessed with this desk lamp that he liked to turn on and off. He got totally busted.
Scott was pumping the A/C like crazy (because he can). I was cold and I thought the kids were too. But they don't have blankets so we used towels for the kids. So Rhys slept under bath towel and Elsa got a hand towel.

Watching the sun rise while having a delicious waffle on the deck. We scored a pretty nice breakfast from the cafe there.

We took the catamaran out to El Conquistador's private island, Palomino Island. Elsa fell asleep on the way there so I spent a bunch of the time vegging out, snuggling her, which I love to do anyway. Rhys was super tired too so I got to snuggle him for a while as well. We didn't stay very long because we had to go check out, and I think had we waited too long Rhys might have had a melt down. He was wore out!!

So much fun!


MegJill said...

Don't you love little getaways?! Even when it is hard with young kids, it's still worth it. Looks like your family had a great time at the big hotel!

Heather said...

Looks like you all had a blast. I've heard conquistador is so nice!How fun to get away!