Monday, October 11, 2010


I swear I'm not a bad mom! He's just a busy kid. Scott and I were talking the other day and he mentioned how Rhys' bump from Sasha was clearing up pretty quickly, and that was good cause we were supposed to get our family pictures taken today. Well, yesterday at church we were at choir practice and I had to go make some copies. A minute later, one of the kids comes in to the office and is like

"uh, you should come cause Rhys hit his face and he's covered in blood".

He'd fallen into a low window and hit his face on the weird Puerto Rican window knobs. Both Rhys and Scott had blood all over them. You know how much face and head cuts bleed. It's crazy how much a little cut can bleed!!

So, Scott messed it all up with his little comment and jinxed family pictures. Rhys is fine though. We have a neighbor that's a retired pediatrician so we took him over to her to see if he needed stitches. She said he was fine. Scott and I get a little jumpy around blood I guess.

Just a random shot that I think is cute.

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MegJill said...

I'm guessing you rescheduled the pictures?! Ouch!
I don't know if I'm biased, but it sure seems like the cutest kids are in our families. Rhys is adorable!