Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Y'all know that we have a huge dog, right? Well, if you didn't know, there's a picture of her in this post. She's a small great dane (small meaning she only weighs 120 pounds and not 200). We were outside with her the other day playing and sometimes she gets really excited and starts running around in circles like a crazy animal. So she started doing her psycho running and Rhys was standing in the yard laughing at her. I remember I commented to Scott, "I really hope she doesn't run into him" . He was like, "No, she won't run into him, she's really good at turning around things and not hitting them". Right after that comment left his mouth, POW!! She plows top speed, face first right into him.
There was the most sickening smacking sound and he went flying. It was terrible!! Both Scott and I took off running towards them. Rhys landed with his back to me and I was sure he would be covered in blood or something. Scott said his first thought was " Oh crap! I don't want to go to the hospital here in Puerto Rico!!"
We were lucky nothing was bloody or broken. Rhys has a head of steel or something. He is seriously an amazing kid. This picture was taken literally 3 minutes after it happened. He cried for about 2 minutes as we were running him into the house. The he wanted down from my arms, went straight to the pantry and pointed to the fruit snacks. Then he sat on my lap laughing at Scott while he ate his fruit snacks. I can't believe it.
So now I know when Sasha starts doing her insane running thing to pick Rhys us ASAP cause I don't want to see that again.

These pictures were taken before Rhys got the huge forehead bruise. We went to a couple of beaches this weekend. Rhys let us cover him with sand. His face was cracking me up.

This was the day before the stupid dog incident when we were still liking her (we still like her, we just think she's really dumb) so we took her to the beach for a run. She likes to chase birds down the beach. It's really funny when we park at the beach and there's other people there. You should see their faces when we get Sasha out of our car (most the people around here have little sissy wimpy dogs). Sometimes they take pictures of her and I think it's funny.
Anyway, we're still enjoying life here in Puerto Rico!!


Cheryl said...

OUCH! So glad that he is OK!! You gotta love those crazy dogs!!

Lots of love!

Lewis Family said...

Ooh, hope his head is better! Fun beach pics too!!

Mabeys said...

Love you guys! Give Rhyses pieces a big hug for me!

MegJill said...

I remember when my parents German Shepherd did that to me, but I was an adult. It hurt like crazy! Completely knocked me to the ground.
Maybe Sasha is getting Rhys prepared for some football playing days. He won't even need a helmet!