Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Sweet Idaho

I'm finally getting around to adding pictures of our Sweet trip. Scott's parents live in this little town, Sweet, in the middle of nowhere. It's so much fun to go there because there's so much to do. Every time we go there we vow to have lots and lots of toys one day. It was a blast. Well, for most of us anyway. Scott was sick for most of the time which is lame, but Rhys and I had fun the whole time. So here we are having fun!!

We love seeing the animals. Rhys especially liked feeding the horses and poking the rabbits and scaring them. He'd do his mischevious laugh when they'd hop to the opposite side of the cage. He's such a little boy.

This is how we found the kids a lot of the time. They love the 4-wheelers. Especially Rhys. He was obsessed with them. He would find a way to escape the house and we'd find him up on one of them pretending to drive. It's funny cause he can barely reach both handles.

I like riding horses in my flip flops.

I found these cowboy boots before Rhys was born and he grew into them at the perfect time. He loves them. I think they're so cute. Here is Rhys with Sadie. She's like a million years old, blind in one eye, and mostly toothless. She's the best dog ever and I seriously love her. Jane and Blaine are going to put her to sleep before they leave on their mission cause she's fading fast. I almost cried when I said goodbye to her.

One of the days we were there we took the horses up to the mountains and rode around. So much fun!! I really want to be a cowgirl. My horse was named Blackjack and he loves to run. My butt was so sore the next day, but it was worth it.

We took the kids to the Zoo one day. The kids had a really good time but I think Rhys was afraid of the tiger.

Another day we loaded up the 4-wheelers and went for a fun ride. I feel so hard core. Except the fact that I didn't want to go too fast with a toddler strapped to me. It was awesome.

Me and my sister-in-law Lisa. It was good dirty fun. I miss Idaho already!!


MegJill said...

Can you send that paint horse out this way? He is so pretty! Paint horses are so of my favorites.
Rhys has so stylin' boots. I remember when you bought those and you were so excited for him to wear them someday!
I think we need to go to Sweet sometime while you are there. It looks FUN!
Did you get your picture CD yet?

Mabeys said...

Eeee! I love the boots!! I need to get the B some of those. It looks like you had a "sweet time"!! Oh, I crack myself up!

Lewis Family said...

Those boots on Rhys are so stinkin cute!! So glad you were out here for so long!