Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun Updates!!

We've had some fun times here lately. Our friends Jesse and Kirsten (Kirsten, I hope I spelled it right!) Berg visited us from Alaska. We had awesome times together while we lived there. So they decided to take a break from the cold and visit us here. I had fun and I hope they had fun too. We took a trip out to a small island named Culebra, and I have to just add that Scott is awesome and entertained Rhys the whole ferry ride over so I could concentrate on not throwing up (I get super sick). It wouldn't have turned out well if I would have had to wrestle Rhys the whole time. We made it the whole way there and back without any barfing and that made me happy. I love the Bergs and I'm so glad they came out here. Come back ANYTIME!!

Here's the Bergs on the ferry out to Culebra

This is Flaminco Beach in Culebra. Rhys quickly fell in love with the Bergs. He was obsessed with this disposable camera Kirsten had gotten and carried it around quite a bit.
Gotta have the camera!!

Sharing some ice cream on the beach. Does life get better?

It was a long day and we were wiped out afterwords.
This is how the boys spent a lot of their time at home. Jesse brought his own controller from Alaska just in case we didn't have one. Both of the boys are kinda obsessed with video games.
We finally made it to the caves!! It was awesome cause we showed up and didn't have to wait (Which for Puerto Rico is AMAZING!!) You have to wait for everything here. We went there when Sarah and TJ came but didn't stay cause we would have had to wait forever. It's a pretty cool little tour. You take this trolley ride down to the entrance and they let you walk around. There's creepy bugs and bats and ... I don't know...cave-ness. I thought the cave tour in Ely was better but it was still cool. I hope that makes you feel better Sarah, for us not doing the caves here.
This was seriously the biggest spider I've ever seen!! I was just waiting for it to jump off the wall at me.
Thanks again for coming Jesse and Kirsten. We had fun. Thanks for being patient when I wasn't feeling good.

Speaking of not feeling good, some of you might not know, but ....drumroll... I'm pregnant. We are very excited to add another little person to our family. It's been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster with this baby so far. A couple weeks ago we did a sonogram and we saw two heartbeats. The doctor wasn't positive that it was twins cause they were so little but he said it was a 70% chance that we were having twins.
Scott and I were freaking out, to say the least. The doctor wanted us to come back a week later and we would look again at the babies. It was a long week just wondering and not knowing for sure, but thinking that it probably was twins. Not so fun. Anyway, I went back yesterday and we looked again. Turns out that there's just one baby and the second heartbeat we saw was the umbilical cord. Apparently that can pulse like a heartbeat as well. So, that was kind of annoying. But now we know for sure, we are just having one baby and so far all is well. We're due at the beginning of July, and we're planning on staying here to have it. Having a baby in Puerto Rico!! That should be an adventure....


Ariane said...

For some reason when I went to read your blog I knew you were probably pregnant. I am so happy for you! So excited to see those pictures. And it was fun to see the Bergs!

MegJill said...

We want to come visit like your friends did!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun with them there.
I have to admit, I am kind of sad you are just having one baby. It seemed so exciting for you to have two!
You should come see us before you have the baby, and before Rhys gets old enough to cost to fly! (I am not against begging people to visit.)
I would even buy you an Amish doughnut. :)

Mabeys said...

Jealous!!! Not about the caves, but about Culebra. Next time! Meggie, what is an amish doughnut and what makes it better?

mikwynnjordyla said...

Well I'm kinda bummed that you are not having twins but on the brights side you probably would have gotten some wicked stretch marks packin around two kids in there.
Man it looks like you guys are having so much fun. I would to love ti go play at the beach right now!
So, when do you find out the gender of your unborn kid? I'm gonna say it's a wait, a girl.