Monday, July 5, 2010

Pictures for daddy

Rhys and I are in Idaho spending time with family and unfortunately we had to leave Scott behind to work. Boo. So these pictures are mostly for Scott so he can see his cute kid. This first picture is what happens when you leave Rhys alone for a couple of minutes with the milk carton. It's hard to see but the chair he's sitting in is full of milk as well as the bowl. It was really hard to be mad cause he was so proud of himself for pouring the milk himself.

We had a little get together at Esther's to celebrate Kynwynn's birthday. We roasted smores and played badminton and Rhys had fun playing with his cousins and getting REALLY dirty.

He loves this swing. Especially when TJ pushes him high.
Playing in the pool. I thing this shot of Max is really funny.

We miss you!!

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Melinda said...

Man! It feels like everyone's visiting family! I'm already counting the days (35) until I can get to that side of the states and do my own visiting! (That's me being optimistic through my jealousy...) So exciting, though!!