Thursday, July 15, 2010

More pictures for Daddy

Rhys had a blast at the River here in Idaho Falls. He loves birds and ducks so he had an awesome time watching the birds here. I thought the pictures of him with the temple are so cute and I think it's fitting seeings how Scott and I were married there just over 3 years ago.

He's clapping.

This is us at the splash park in Rexburg. Max is in the yellow Sponge Bob swimsuit. They spent a lot of time just staring at people.

Finally! Contact with the water! It took a while for him not to freak out when the water got on him. Who would have thought this kid would have been like that, huh! I was baffled.


Ariane said...

These are beautiful pictures, they look profesional! How did you get him to wear flip flops? Its amazing how big our kids are getting, it feels like you just got pregnant!

MegJill said...

Isn't the splash park fun?! I think every town should have one, especially since it is free. Can't get much better than that! We went when we visited Haley and it took the girls a while to get used to it too. Who would ever think that Rhys would need time though, being the beach bum he is! I wish we had gotten to spend more time with you guys. Too many people to see in too short a time.
Have fun visiting Sari and all!
Have you claimed the other booster seat yet???!!

Cheryl said...

What a cutie!! I hope I get to see you before you head back!!

Lots of love!!