Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4th of July

I loooove 4th of July in Idaho Falls.  They have the best fireworks, and it seems the weather is always nice.  I especially like how most of the family is together that day.  We always have good food and friends around.  I love it.  I'm really glad I was able to get to IF this 4th.  Momma Jo got Elsa a patriotic shirt for the 4th for her birthday.  She's so stinkin' cute.

Elsa and Momma Jo.

We always have a lot of people on the 4th.  It's fun.

Elsa and Sabriel.

We took some of the kids to the Greenbelt to see the fireworks.  Rhys was really excited to see all the people lighting their fireworks off on the street.

TJ with Brenner, Sarah, Aunt Linda, Kenya, Rhys, and Alyssa

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

These are Megan's parents.  They are so cute.  It's their 4th of July tradition to stake out a spot all day at the river.  It works out for us, because right before the fireworks start we just walk down and find them and sit with them.  They always get a really close spot too, so there's a definite chance of getting hit with shrapnel.  They come prepared!

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