Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crashboat Beach

Scott had to do some work in Aguadilla for a couple days, so after Josh left, he wanted the kids and I to come out and see him.  The hotel they were staying at had a really cool pool with water slides and fountains.  The kids had a great time playing while Scott was working.

The kids always think it's exciting to stay in a hotel room.

The next morning we went out to Crashboat.  It was awesome.  The water was so smooth.  The snorkeling was really good for seeing fish that day.  One guy was out there spearfishing.  I watched him for a while to see if he would get anything, but the big fish here too deep for him to get.  I didn't see any shells to collect, but I did score a pair of sunglasses off the bottom!

He's getting pretty brave when it comes to water.  He did this a couple times.

Scott going to jump

Getting ready

In he goes.  He said it was really hard to get back onto the dock from there.  Somebody put a sheet with knots in it to climb up.  He said it was awkward to climb.

Elsa and her "O" face.  She was doing it a lot for a while there.  It cracks me up.

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