Monday, August 27, 2012

Josh Visits and the Beach Apartment

So we moved out of of our house.  It was weird and sad and awesome at the same time.  We stayed our last month in Isla Verde right on the beach.  While we were there my cousin Josh came for a visit.  We loved having him there with us.  It was nice because it forced us to get out and do awesome things one last time.  We love Josh.  He's awesome.

Here's our apartment.  It was literally right on the beach.  It was sooooo much cooler than our house was.  If I had known how much nicer it could have been we might have thought about moving from Dorado at some point.  It was really fun to sit on the balcony and watch people (you all know I'm a people watcher) It did have it's drawbacks though.  Every Sunday was ridiculously noisy.  People love to party on Sundays.

Here's the view.  Awesome.

While Josh was with us we did fun stuff.  We rented a boat and drove it around the ocean.  We tried to find snorkeling spots, but didn't find much.  It was fun to scoot around and jump out of the boat into the ocean.

Elsa annoying Rhys. 

It was really shallow and calm so we could take the kids out and let them swim around.

There's a random swim area off one of the islands that we swam in.  Josh had fun doing backflips off the dock. 

We took a trip out to Vieques.  We tried to get to Culebra but all the ferries were full.  It was good though because I hadn't been out the Vieques yet.  Definitely not as cool at Culebra.  I was somewhat disapointed  in it, but I'm still glad we got to go.

On our way!  I'm kind of a dork.  I've accepted this. 

So we're hanging out by the beach grilling.  We found a bunch of conch shells and decided to cook them on the grill (to kill the critter inside, and you don't want to do in in your house cause they stiiiiinnnkk!!)

Our shells are cooking away in the blue tub.  It was Sunday so it was a crazy party on the beach.  We had a good time.

Dinner on the beach.

Rhys loves Josh.  Josh is introducing Rhys to the wonderful world of YouTube.  He was sad when Josh left.  We were glad he came!

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