Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chillin' with the Fam

We took the kids to the Splash Pad in Rexburg.  Momma Jo sent money for the kids to ride the carousel. They always think it's way fun. 

Rhys and Brenner with TJ.

Elsa didn't go this year.  Maybe next year when Scott is here and he can ride with her.  I didn't think she would like it anyway, and I don't like to ride them.  I get pretty darn sick.  It's ridiculous how motion sick I get.

Hanging out at the Splash Pad

Cotton Candy!!!!

Anya, Brooks with Sabriel, and Max

Yummm.. Lemonaid

Anya and Elsa

Audrey, Alyssa, and Aiden with Elsa.  They had a blast.

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