Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saying Goodbye

It was bittersweet saying goodbye to Puerto Rico.  The sweet was leaving Puerto Rico, the bitter was having to leave good friends.  We will miss everybody there.  We made some really awesome friends.  The Mortensen's were going to leave right after us and they had a farewell dinner at Camino del Mar.  It was nice to get together and say goodbye to everyone.  This is Nikki Bybee.  I love her.  She makes the best cookies ever.  Her son Ike and Rhys are buddies.  He asks about Ike sometimes.

Beckki and Amy

All the kids playing.  I think they were finding frogs.

Tiffannee and Gina

Heather and Jodee

Nikki with Elsa and Miranda with Weston

Gina and Jodee

Tiffannee with Elsa and Heather

Jackie and I

A few days before we left a group of us got together for another farewell lunch.  It was really nice.  They girls made us a sweet plaque and all signed the back of it.  It says "Truly great friends are Hard to find, Difficult to leave, and Impossible to forget." I though it was really sweet of the girls to make that for our family.

Rhys and CJ

We miss everybody already.

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