Friday, August 12, 2011

You Have To Sit There...

I've just had an epiphany about my kid. He is not eating his food lately so I've been doing the "you have to sit there until you eat" deal. He will just sit, and sit, and sit, which is surprising to me considering he's a busy two year old boy. It's long enough that I get bored of him sitting there before he does. Eventually I just shove some food in his mouth and let him get down.

I've just realized that making him sit in the car for extended periods of time have probably taught him to entertain himself while just sitting. Anywhere we go here takes at least 20-30 minutes. It takes 30 minutes to get to church and to the store. It's about an hour to get to San Juan. He's really good in the car too. He just sits there and looks out the window.
So sitting at the table for 20 minutes isn't phasing him. I'm going to have to think of other ways to get him to eat. Any suggestions?

I gotta go get him. It's been over a half an hour and I'm getting bored of waiting for him to eat.

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Mabeys said...

He looks so big in that booster seat! Crazy naked kid! Good luck! B won't eat either. Bring him here and they can starve together!