Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Moms Come to Visit!

My Mom an Aunt Cheryl are so awesome. Aunt Cheryl is pretty much my second mother. I lived with her when I lived in Alaska. She's amazing. She and Mom came here to sunny PR for a 10 day long visit. It was so much fun. Luckily Elsa was born 2 weeks before my due date so by the time they got here (we bought the tickets a long time ago) Elsa was old enough and I was feeling good enough to go do a bunch of stuff. It was such a blast and I was really sad I had to let them go home. I wish they could live with me.

Here are some of our activities

Playing at Mar Chiquita
It was so windy!!!

We visited Guavate and had lunch at the lechoneras.
We visited all the little tourist booths and bought souvenirs. They bought so many souvenirs for everybody back home. It was cracking me up.

This was a really cool hammock chair thingy. Rhys dug it.

Lunch at the Lechonera. They are so cute!!!
We made several trips to Old San Juan. The first time it was raining so hard we didn't even get out of the car. The second time we saw the forts and shops, and the third time we went just to shop. You'd think by now I could get there without the GPS, but I can't. Maybe if I make another 50 trips out there I could figure it out.

Aunt Cheryl striking a pose!

By the end of the day they had had enough sun. They were hiding in the shade as much as possible while still trying to tour the fort.

Luquillo Beach. Until looking at these pictures, Aunt Cheryl couldn't figure out why she had sunburns on her knees. Mom made this hat. It was so funny. The wind kept blowing if off so she poked holes in it and secured it with bamboo squers that I use for making shish kabobs. It kept reminding me of Mrs. Meers from Thourally Modern Millie. Shoo show, Shoo show!!

Lounging on the beach

They got a little sun, don't you think?


MegJill said...

Send them here! Send them here!!! Even though some of your family was just here a few months ago, we want them back! I'm sure you feel the same way. Doesn't it just stink living so far away from family?! That is the one thing we don't like about living here, and the main reason we don't see us staying here forever.
Sooo funny about Aunt Cheryl's knees, and your moms hat.
We are driving to see friends in Florida in a few weeks and I wish we could just hop on a little plane and fly over to see you and your family!

carrie said...

How cool to have your Moms come see you! They tan like I do. We've been to old San Juan. Super cool. How are you Puerto Ricans doing over there?

Mabeys said...

I am sooooo jealous! I want to come visit again!

The Reed Family said...

how fun! that's so nice they were there for the blessing too! she is so adorable!