Monday, July 25, 2011

Blessing Day!

We had Miss Elsa blessed a couple Sunday's ago while Mom and Aunt Cheryl were here. Mom made a beautiful blessing dress and Esther made a matching bow for the special day. Elsa was so cute and the dress was so beautiful!! After church we went across the street to take some pictures. We had about 1 minute to take the pictures before we all started dripping in sweat so none of the picts turned out great. We couldn't seem to manage all looking in the same direction. It just gave the photos character though.

I love these pictures. This is the first time Rhys has held her. He hasn't really seemed interested. He did think it was pretty cool once we put her on him. He's such a good big brother!!
I love their little smiles!


MegJill said...

Elsa is so cute! Love her dress that grandma made. She looks a ton like Rhys in that picture of the two of them smiling.
I'm excited to see pictures from Aunt Cheryl and maJo's visit!

Mabeys said...

You guys are so cute! I miss you all!