Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Shoot

My Friend Kelsey, from Kelsey Riley Photography did an awesome photo shoot with my kids earlier this month. I think they turned out really cute! Look how beautiful my children are! Megs, I didn't post a picture frame picture cause I noticed something I want to get tweaked on it first. I'll post it if I get it fixed. Enjoy!!


MegJill said...

Eva, Those pictures are so cute! Rhys is getting so grown up, and it is crazy that he has such white blond hair and your little girl has dark hair! Does she have dark eyes too?
Your friend took some great photos. I don't often think other peoples babies are cute, but yours really are! :)
Elsa looks like a little doll.

carrie said...

So, so cute! She did a great job. Your children are beautiful. Where in the world can I get some of those tights?? P.S. I'm glad Irene wasn't that bad for you.