Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene, you ruined my life!!

Not really, actually. She wasn't that bad. I was excited that something actually happened. Whenever I hear that these storms are headed our way I kinda freak out and get super prepared and worry and then it's usually just a rain shower. It's always anti-climactic for the amount that I worry. So with Irene I was trying not to worry as much as I usually do. We filled up our bathtubs with water, got out the lanterns and put everything from our backyard into the garage that was about it.
We only had Sacrament Meeting on Sunday because the storm was supposed to hit Sunday night. They wanted everyone to have enough time to complete their preparations before it hit. It was a pretty quiet day. It was a little cloudy and a tiny bit windy but that was about it.

Around 11 pm the power went off and our house started to get really hot. It's amazing how quickly you start to sweat when their is no fans going (and how quiet my house is!) We opened the windows to try to get some air flow, then went back to sleep. I woke up around 2:30 to the rain and the wind whipping the trees outside. It was pretty crazy, but we still kept the windows open. Even in a hurricane we barely get a breeze!!! It's seriously crazy. Anyway, Elsa was awake so I fed her and we all went back to sleep and slept through the rest of the storm. All the really cool storms that have hit since we've lived here have all hit at night. It's a bummer cause we miss out on watching them. We just wake up and check out the aftermath. Lame.

Monday was super rainy all day.Both the power and water were out Monday morning. We finally had a chance to use our generator we bought the first year we were here. If finally came in handy!! Woo hoo! It's ridiculously loud though and after about 6 hours of it I started to get really grumpy wanting it to be turned off. About 20 minutes after Scott got tired of my crabbiness and turned it off the power came back on. We got lucky cause I know of people who STILL don't have power.

The water came back on sometime Tuesday. I'm not sure exactly what time it was cause I was gone. I had to take the kids to the pediatrician for check ups that day. It was still raining Tuesday. On the way home I got stuck at a light for 30 minutes because the power was out and roads were flooding. It took Scott 2 1/2 hours to get home from work Tuesday night. Roads that I had driven on on the way home were completely closed by the evening. I got lucky only being stuck for 30 minutes.

So we're now getting back to normal here. The roads are pretty much cleaned off as far as I have seen. A palm tree across the street that broke in half during the storm has been taken care of. Broken tree branches are being hauled away (more likely just moved off the road and left there). Now we're just hoping that people who got hit after us, when the storm was stronger, will be OK, as well as the people in the states who are waiting for it to hit them. Hopefully everyone will be safe!

Here's our beautiful generator. It's so noisy! I was hoping the whole time if would run out of gas so we could have a couple minutes of quiet. You like our generator covers? Two tables! It totally worked though. The generator stayed dry, none of us died from carbon monoxide and we were able to save all our refrigerated food!

Watching the rain. It rained A LOT!!

On another note, look at this cute head band I made Elsa!! My first try at crochet cotton! I am quite proud!!

I found this picture of Mom and Elsa on my camera. I'd forgotten about it. She's giving mom a kiss!!


Mabeys said...

Cute headband!! Glad you are safe and I can't wait to see you!

MegJill said...

LOVE the headband! Was it hard to make? I'd love to try something like that.
Well, your hurricane adventure is kind of anti climactic, which is a good thing. Kind of crazy that you can sleep with your windows open during a hurricane!