Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's going to be one of those nights....

What is the deal with Puerto Ricans? Someone please explain to me the need to play your music so gosh darn loud? Maybe the reason they're blasting their music so loudly in their backyard (which connects directly to ours) is so they can hear it in the house, where they are all hanging out. It makes me crazy!! Keep in mind these are the same neighbors that were having a party for their 6 year old and were blasting Lady Gaga until midnight. The ones that made me mad enough that I marched Sasha over there (so they wouldn't hurt me) and gave them a piece of my mind. Obviously they have forgotten.... or else I'm just not that scary. It's probably the latter.

Oh my goodness, I can hear their drunken singing, and it's terrible!!!

On a lighter note, we've had some fun. We took Rhys to a animal museum. It's pretty much like a place with stuffed animals in it. For Puerto Rico, it's pretty cool. Rhys liked this hollow log and the really big ants. He likes to watch the ants on the sidewalk now and say "ant, ant, ant" over and over again. It's cute.
Here's a lovely picture of me with my 36 week belly. For all of you who have worn maternity pants, you know exactly what I'm doing. I'm hiking up my pants, for the millionth time. It's very attractive. I'm 37 weeks now so only a few more weeks to go!! So excited!!
Isn't he so cute??!


MegJill said...

I HATE that about maternity pants!!! You'd think that by now the clothes making people would figure out how to get pants to really fit pregnant people. I am always so excited to get to stop pulling up my pants after having a baby.
By the way, you still look tiny! Not nearly big enough to have a real baby in there.
Oh, and I'm on the second Fablehaven book now. Reading it really really slow.

Mabeys said...

Yes, he is cute! Super cute! Awww, I'm so sad I am going to miss the newest arrival. Boo.