Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small Acts of Craftiness

I don't think I'm a very crafty or creative person and I'm pretty jealous of other peoples crafty skills. When I do make something that takes some craftiness, I feel super proud of myself.

When I was pregnant with Rhys I lived with Scott's mom, Jane. She's got some skills. Under her watchful tutelage I crocheted him a cute little baby afghan. I needed a lot of help. Well, now we have another little one on the way and I didn't want the new baby to feel shafted. I bravely ventured back into the crocheting world on my own. Luckily the internet has a ton a cute patterns and tutorials so I didn't feel quite so lost. I did have help from my mom picking out the yarn as well. I bought them off the internet and I couldn't tell from the tiny picture what the yarns actually looked like. Luckily she works at a craft store and could tell me which colors looked good together. She's so helpful.

Here are my finished projects. I have to say, I am so proud of me!! The pictures are totally out of order, but oh well. The pink one is a combination of a couple patterns that I found. I did all the squares and sewed them together. I haven't washed it yet because I'm afraid my knots will come undone and it will fall apart. The purple one is a pattern I came up with as I went along. I found a tutorial on how to make the 3-d flowers and I made them into squares that I put together and then came up with a border. I think it turned out pretty cute. So hopefully baby Elsa will like her blankets that I lovingly made for her when she gets here (in 2-3 weeks. Yippee!!)

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MegJill said...

WOW!!! Eva, those are so nice! I love the pink one, but they are both cute, and I can't believe that you combined patterns and came up with borders on your own, etc.
And just so you know, I think we all get jealous of others craftiness sometimes. I'd love to have your crocheting talent!