Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rhys's Revenge

I think Rhys is finally starting to understand that Sasha is a dog. He knows dogs and likes them, I just don't really know if the knew that Sasha was one of them. We got her before he was born so she's always been around bugging him, knocking him over and trying to steal his food. I think it just clicked for him the other day that she's a dog and he likes dogs, so he must like her. He normally NEVER plays with her, so imagine her surprise when he decided to chase her around! The tables were turned! I think she was actually a little scared. I love the fact that he's saying her name, chasing her around, and she really just wants me to let her outside so she can escape!


MegJill said...

Poor "little" Sasha, having to submit to a baby! Funny how long it took Rhys to realize he could play with her. Now he will probably never leave her alone!

Melinda said...

Absolutely laughed out loud (for real) here! So hilarious! At least she's good about it, right?