Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas and New Years in Puerto Rico

We've been a fun couple of weeks here. Christmas was awesome. It's actually been pretty cool here lately, (about 75- 85 degrees) and we've been appreciating that. It made it feel a little bit more Christmas-ey. Our Christmas was pretty quiet. We had some friends over on Christmas Eve but Christmas Day we stayed home in our jammies. Santa brought Rhys some awesome toys, including this basketball hoop. I have to point out Rhys' super cute PJ's. They were his Christmas present from Momma Jo last year. They finally fit him!! Thanks Mom!

Just before Christmas we went and bummed around Old San Juan just for fun. Rhys had fun chasing the pigeons and feeding them crackers. This is somewhere in Old San Juan.

For New Years we went with a bunch of friends and their families to a Coast Guard base on the west side of the island. They had rented a couple of houses and we had a big sleep over. New Years Eve we hiked down the side of a mountain to the beach and roasted hot dogs and made smores. It was awesome. The beach was so beautiful and all the kids had fun playing together. Scott brought some fireworks and set them off on the beach after it got dark. Everybody's kids but mine thought they were cool. Mine kinda freaked out.

Here's some of us getting the fire going and getting ready for dinner. Gotta love a hot dog and smores on the beach at sunset.
This is Rhys' little friend Ike. They are seriously so freakin' cute together. Ike has a chip on his front tooth so we were calling him Lloyd. I'm going to grow Rhys' hair out so he can look like Harry, so they can be Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber (even though I really hate that movie). They are little buds though and they had a blast playing together.
This is how we spent our New Years. It's been cloudy and rainy lately so it was really nice to have a warm sunny day and go to the beach. The Robert's kids were having fun burying Scott in the sand. He kept making me scratch his nose cause he couldn't move. It was really awkward and I'm pretty sure I've been fired from nose scratching duty.
It was a pretty fun day, except for the fact that on the way home Rhys got sick from drinking too much milk and juice and threw up all over himself and his car seat. It was so awful! I've never seen milk shoot out of someone's nose like that before. Poor little guy. He was happy as a clam afterwords, but Scott and I were in total misery cause the car smelled like puke. It was a long drive home.

We had such a good holiday season here in Puerto Rico, although we were really missing being with family. We're blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people that help us from feeling like we're so far away. We're so thankful for all our friends here that make our Puerto Rican adventure so much fun.


Mabeys said...

It looks like you had fun! TJ is totally jealousy-green.

Melinda said...

What a great holiday! I think it'd be fun to try the warmth and beaches for Christmas once or twice, but I really loved my mid-western very-snowy Christmas here. So sorry Rhys was sick - never fun.