Saturday, October 10, 2009

Technical difficulties and cute pictures

Man! I've had a heck of a time getting these pictures to upload and it's not working letting me rearrange the way I want so I'm just going to leave them the way they are. If I mess with it anymore I'll probably have a nervous breakdown. Anywho... guess what Rhys got really good at doing this week. This week he just decided he likes to sit up all the time. I can't get the kid to sleep cause he spends all his time sitting in his crib. It's been fun watching him learn and grow. Look at that happy face!!

I love torturing my dog! I decided that she needed some glamor in her life so I gave her a pedicure. Isn't it so pretty!

Don't you love babies faces when babies eat sour things? Here we have lemons. His facial expressions were priceless!!!

This weekend we made it to the Observatory in Arecibo. It's big. It only took us 2 tries to get there too. We tried a couple weeks ago and ended up aimlessly driving all over the winedy potholed roads until I got too carsick to go on. We tried again today and made it. It's pretty cool. As you can see the weather was a little sketchy, could have rained any second. It was great because there's a little hike up, not too long, but not one you want to do when it's 90 degrees. It cooled it down nicely. It was really pretty with the green trees and the grey sky and awesome radio thingy. Here's our cute family in Puerto Rico!


Cheryl said...

What fun! That little guy is really growing fast! What's up with that??

I had to laugh when I saw your picture because it looks like Scott was holding a couple of really big helium balloons in the first and in the second it looks like he has on a really big parachute! Either I need my eyes checked or I am really tired.

Glad to see that you are enjoying your adventure!

Miranda said...

Cute pictures Eva!! Love Sashas pedicure :) I especially LOVE the picture of your family. SO CUTE!!!