Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's October?

It's 95 degrees outside. I had to look at the date on my phone several times before I realized it said October. I still don't believe it. It's so weird not to see the leaves change. I think I might be homesick or something because the blogs with fall pictures and activities make me want to cry. I don't miss being cold but I am missing the fall. I really want to stroll through a pumpkin patch and eat corn on the cob and wear a soft comfortable sweater. I know a lot of you are hating me right now cause you're freezing cold and cause our family is going to go to the beach today after conference, but I can whine a little bit right?
Another reason I don't believe it's October is because next week I'm going to plant a garden. I bought one of those Topsy-Turvey things where you plant a tomato plant upside down and I'm excited about that because the tomatoes at the stores are really crappy. We're also planting some corn (cause I want corn on the cob and I can't find it here anywhere) and some peas. The soil is really sandy and sucky here so I have to dig a spot and fill it in with store bought dirt. next week we're planning on picking up some orange and lime trees as well. So I'm excited to try my hand at growing things. It might end in a huge dirty failure but I should at least try.

We had an exciting experience this last week. I have a friend here who lives in my neighborhood named Mariely and she LOVES my Great Dane Sasha. She comes over to see me and brings treats for her and lets her drool and climb all over her and they both love it. The other day she invited our family (and of course Sasha) over to her house for a swim in her pool and a BBQ. Mariely has a blue and green Macaw named Coco that she's had for 3 years, since before it even had feathers. She has taught Coco all these tricks and it might talk, I can't remember, but anyway, Mariely was having Coco show me all her tricks when in a flash of black, blue and green, Sasha POUNCED and knocked Coco out of Mariely's hands to the ground. It was chaos! Coco was squawking and throwing feathers, I was trying to pull Sasha off Coco, but that wasn't really working cause she's 120 pounds and I was holding Rhys at the same time. Scott heard the screaming and came sprinting across the lawn to help and between the 3 of us we pulled Sasha off the poor bird. It had lost some feathers and it was panting. My heart was like beating out of my chest I was so freaked out and I was super pissed at Sasha. I would have felt so bad if Sasha had eaten her bird. It would have sucked. It all turned out alright though and Mariely still loves Sasha and spoils her whenever she sees her.


MegJill said...

I'm not jealous of you yet, but I will be in February! Especially if you show us pictures of you guys playing outside in the warm sun.
So, it's a good thing that Sasha didn't eat the bird. That would have been an awkward moment!

Sam and Carmin said...

That is a hillarious pet story! I'm jealous that you get to plant citrus trees. They should grow and produce without giving you grief--but you won't get a bumper crop the first year or two. I grew up in Phx, and every morning from November to May we would go outside and pick a sack full of oranges, then come in and juice them in time for breakfast. I still can't drink the bottled stuff. Now I've traded salmon for citrus . . . but I miss the fresh citrus!

Kristi said...

I love it! It made me laugh out loud!