Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I finally got pictures of my house! Actually I finally felt it was clean enough to take pictures of it. But I went on a cleaning spree and took the picts. It will be dirty again in 10 minutes when I get Rhys up and start cooking dinner. Here's Rhys in his crib. We have a fan clipped on the side of the crib so it blows on him all the time. If it's 85 degrees in his room it actually feels pretty good. He's getting used to being hot.

This room was painted this blue color when we moved in, which was perfect. His room is all fish and coral reefy, which I think is super cute, and perfect because we live on an island in the Caribbean.

This is my entryway (where the lizard lives) and I love it because I love the plants and the way the stairs go up and the vaulted ceiling. It's a bad picture to show that but I think it's cool.

I love my kitchen (except we don't have a dishwasher yet, hence the empty spot by the fridge. We have to wash our dishes by hand, eek!!) We have a dining room with a table and chairs but we eat at the bar cause it's convenient.

This weekend our family decided to take a drive towards the center of the island, which is the mountains. We were going to stop in Caguas but it didn't look too exciting so we just kept on driving. I'm not sure the name of the place we ended up but it was a cool little place with booths set up where you could buy souvineers and these resteraunts where your lunch was cooking in the window. Nice, Huh? Scott had the ribs and I had, well, a hunk of pork really. The cook takes a big cleaver and chops off a hunk for you to eat. It was really good actually. They kept the skin on so you just have to watch out for hair. Weird I know, but it was really fun and a cool experience and I'm glad we went. I would go again.


Cheryl said...

Just hack me off a chunk!! Sound like dinner at our house, doesn't it?? We don't have the cool pig in the window, though! What an amazing place you live!!

MegJill said...

Rhys is so cute! I'm so glad that you showed pictures of your house! It will be so nice when you get a dishwasher. I know, we are all so lazy these days, but they are so convenient! Rhys' room looks like he is underwater, with all the blue. And it must be crazy hot for him to need a fan on his crib! Looks like your house is pretty nice.
I'd love to help decorate when we visit! That will help ensure that we get to visit while you are there. "Brooks, we HAVE to go there so we can help Eva!"

MegJill said...

Happy Birthday!!!