Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day!

Things have been going well for us in Puerto Rico. Scott ordered us some snorkel gear online. They came in the mail and we were really excited to try them out. Sasha was really afraid of me in my get-up so I was chasing her all over the living room (which is pretty tricky in flippers). I look pretty awesome, huh!

Here are some cute new pictures of Rhys. He is getting so big! His first bubble bath!! He thought the bubbles were pretty cool.

Scott is already ruining our son. This is their quality time together. Rhys kept trying to grab the controller and help dad play call of duty. I'm not so sure that's the best game in the world to be playing with a small child. Scott and I will have to have some words about that.
I have to make sure that I put awesome pictures of the beach and fun things here so that our family and friends are inspired to come visit us here. This is how we spent our Labor Day! They call this beach Horseshoe Beach. There is a neighborhood next to it that's a little sketchy but the beach is pretty nice. A bunch of people from our ward were there and that was awesome because nobody pointed out how white Scott and I are (which happened last time we went to the beach). We brought Sasha and she had a good time playing in the waves and eating all the little kids food that they gave her or dropped in the sand. She's full up on hot dogs now. She actually swam too, which is amazing for anyone who knows her. She is not a swimmer!
Rhys did really well. He watched the waves for a while with me and then took a nap on some towels on the beach under the shade of a palm tree. It was nice because we had a pretty good size group there so we had a lot of baby sitters to make sure he didn't get kidnapped. Scott and I got to swim for a while together, which you can't do with a little baby. We had a really good time at the beach. Scott and I our nursing some sunburns but it was totally worth it!!


Cheryl said...

Love the new outfit, Eva!! ;p)

Sounds like you had an awesome time today! I am going to come visit you sometime!

Kaylyn said...

No need to post pictures of the beach, we want to come anyway!!

MegJill said...

Brooks and I love your new outfit. Now we need to see a picture of Scott in his!
So, just so you know, we won't wait for that magic transporter thing to be made before we'll visit. I looked up tickets the other day and they were about $300, which is really cheap. So, we will have to start a "trip to see Eva and Scott" fund. We're trying to decide if we will bring Aiden when we come. We'll probably get a sitter for the kids, but he might think it is really cool there.
Anyway, your Labor Day looks a whole lot cooler than ours! We ran errands. Whew! THAT was fun!
Give Rhys a little squeezey from his aunt and uncle that he doesn't really know yet.

Ariane said...

Ooh, I've GOT to try the bubble bath. Good idea!