Monday, August 17, 2009

Seeing the Sights!

So this weekend we made our way down to check out Old San Juan. It's pretty cool. It was like a billion degrees (no exaggeration!) so we only stayed for a couple hours. It's not like we won't have time to go there again. We visited one of the forts there named Morro. It was such a beautiful day. There were a bunch of people on the lawns flying kites and there were booths set up were you could buy a kite to fly if you wanted. Here is Scott on his way to the fort.

Right to the side of Fort Morro is a really cool cemetery with these awesome sculptures. It was a really cool view.

Scott and Rhys at the fort. He's always got at least one hand in his mouth (Rhys, not Scott). He's a really good baby to have to cart around. If he wasn't so good we would never be able to go and see stuff.

Our little family at the fort. Aren't we hot? We literally are!

We are experiencing our first Hurricanes and tropical storms here in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Ana was on her way towards us yesterday and was supposed to hit this morning. They turn the water and power off here right before the storm hits and you never know when they will turn them back on. So Scott and I got ready with our new generator, water storage and propane grill. He made me get up at 5:30 this morning to fill up the bath tubs with water just in case. Luckily it didn't hit us hardly at all. All we ended up getting was called a tropical depression which gave us a ton of rain and a really cool thunderstorm. This morning Rhys and I laid in my bed, I had opened the blinds in my room, and we just watched the thunderstorm. Some of the lightning was so close the thunder shook the house, and that's pretty good for a house made out of cement.
We are watching Hurricane Bill now. The first news said it was going to hit us pretty hard, but last I heard was that it's path changed and we might get only a little bit of it. You never know what will happen though so we're still going to prepare. Better safe than sorry.
We were talking to some of the people in our ward that have been here for a while and they were telling us that the locals don't always hate the hurricanes because it's an excuse not to have to go to work. So they just stay inside and drink until it gets over. The other day we were at Costco and there were people with shopping carts full of beer and Scott saw someone loading up the back of their pick-up truck with just alcohol. I guess we all prepare in our own ways.


MegJill said...

That is actually quite funny about the people "riding out the storms" with all their beer. I'm glad you guys chose a generator to spend your money on, and I think you'll probably get better use out of it then they will out of their cases of alcohol! And you'll be able to remember what happens, unlike the drunk people!
I've been to those places you showed pictures of, so that is kind of cool to see them again. It was quite a while ago that I was there (pre-Brooks) but it looks EXACTLY the same.
Is your baby always good with glasses on? I'm impressed because our babies NEVER keep them on but he is always wearing them!
Well, I hope you guys can avoid this next storm!!! And it's good that you have a solid house to live in or that could get a little scary.
We went to Lowes the other day and thought of calling you again but we decided it would be too embarrassing. It was part of our date, again. That's what happens when you get to our age. Lowes makes a nice date!

Ariane said...

Very cute family pictures. You look GREAT! A bit of jealousy here.