Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thirty Weeks/ Easter Egg Hunt

Here I am in all my preggo glory!!! The top picture is how my belly usually looks. Smashed under a little boy who thinks he needs to be held all the time. Not that it's really that much of the time, it's just more than before. Several months ago, this kid would bearly sit on my lap, now he needs to be snuggled and carried. It's weird. The bigger my belly gets, the more he needs to be held. I don't hate it though. I used to get so mad when he would sit and snuggle Scott and not me!!! Now it's my turn to get loved by him. Mommies need to be snuggled by their little boys.

So thirty weeks down and so far everything is going well. She moves a lot!! Especially when I'm trying to go to sleep. I'm also starting to get that restless leg crap at night which feels really weird. We're probably going to name the baby Elsa Rae. Hopefully you all didn't know any Elsa's in high school or wherever and hated them. That's what always ruins names for me. Scott likes that name because it's from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. (She's the Nazi chick. Scott just really liked the name)

I'm starting to get really big and it's beginning to get really hot here. I'm preparing to be a sweaty mess the next 10 weeks. Should be fun. I'm so thankful for air conditioning, and can't even say. It's blowing on my right now and I'm loving it!!

P.S. my shirt is awesome. It's sequencey and sparkly and one of the last few non-maternity shirts that I can still wear. I dig it.

Today was the Easter Egg hunt at the church. Rhys was in a really bad mood at first because I made him leave his Buzz Lightyear action figure in the car. He cried about it until the hunt started. Drama. Anyway, he didn't get that many eggs because he'd get so distracted by the egg he just found and forget to go look for anymore. He had such a fun time though. We're really happy that the primary put on an Easter Egg hunt again this year. It was really fun!!!
He kept holding up the eggs saying "EGG, EGG!!" He's so proud.

Another P.S. Julia gave us this fishing game after the Easter Egg hunt and Rhys has been playing with it nonstop since he woke up from his nap. He gets out the little fish and lines them up in a row on the table or couch in a straight little line and then one by one, puts them back into the game. He doesn't always use the fishing pole but when he does, and he has the fish on the end of the pole, he comes running up to me with it saying "I got it, I got it" in his little Rhys voice. It's so cute!!! He's having a blast, so thanks for the game Julia!


carrie said...

You are so cute and little!! I forgot that we are exactly the same far-along-ness. Is your due date July 1st (or thereabouts) too?

MegJill said...

Eva, You are still so tiny! I think I look more pregnant that you. Hahaha....Wait. That isn't funny.
You should definitely come visit us so we can take you to get Amish donuts!!! Plus, I just found out a lady in the ward is a baker here and I need someone to go with me to try out her stuff too.
And I wonder why I still look pregnant. :)

Mabeys said...

Ooh Ooh!! I know a way to beat the heat when you are pregnant - come stay with your big sister!!! It's nice and cold, I mean cool, here. I won't even drag you to St. George this time.

The Reed Family said...

i'm glad he likes it! I already miss it there! I am loving it here with my family too, but there is just something so unique about PR and the people there! is it weird that i feel homesick for PR? :) I NEVER thought i would say that! haha you look great and i can't wait to come back and see the baby!