Thursday, May 6, 2010

My house is so quiet!!

My house feels so empty and quiet right now!! Scott's sister Kristi and her kids came to stay with us this past week. We went from having one kid in our house to 5 in one shot. It's going to take me a couple weeks to recover (just enough time to get ready for Sarah and TJ to get here, I'm so excited!) It was a lot of fun though. The kids really wanted to go to the beach and play outside a lot and it was a ton of fun. Here are a couple picts from their visit.
The kids were at the pool in our neighborhood but they had to leave cause the pool guys had come to clean it. Ashley was so sad!! She came home from the pool in tears. So I told her we could turn on the sprinkler and she cheered up. Rhys decided he wanted to play too (notice he's still in normal clothes). They had fun with the sprinkler but I think they mainly had fun playing in the muddy puddle that formed in the middle of the lawn.

We went to this town that have Lechoneras on every corner (the places where they roast pigs on a spit in the window and they cleave off a piece for you to eat). The kids really liked the creek running next to where we ate. We were hardly able to keep them in their seat long enough to eat.

Rhys loves the beach. I was surprised that he didn't freak when I buried him. He just had a funny smirk on his face the whole time.
Here are the kids having fun at Mar Chiquita! They had a lot of fun floating around this little pool. We brought our grill and roasted hot dogs for the kids. Too bad we forgot a lighter. Woops! Kristi found somebody to borrow one from so it all worked out in the end.

We took the kids to San Sebastian waterfall. I love going there cause not a lot of people know about it, you literally park on the side of the road and hike through someone's field with cows in it and suddenly you come upon this beautiful waterfall. Kristi and I jumped from here. It's not that high, I know, but I am a huge sissy and this is high enough for me. Kristi's son Blaine got really upset that she jumped, it scared him. He was in tears when we got to shore and he wouldn't let her jump again.
On the way home from the waterfall we stopped at this ice cream shop that sells really weird flavors of ice cream. They do a corn flavor, carrot (which Kristi got, it was not good) as well as beans and rice, rum and raisins, among others. I went the safe route with strawberry cheesecake. Scott did try the corn and he said it was good.
We had so much fun with Kristi and the kids here, even though it will take some time to get my house put back together! I hope these picts will inspire you all to come out and see us here in PR!! Thanks again for coming Kristi! We love you guys!!


MegJill said...

Eves, it looks like you had so much fun with your visitors! Love all the beach and waterfall pictures. We need to get some beaches here in West Virginia! I'm glad you had some family come visit. Even when it is a little chaotic it is always so worth the mess and craziness to have family visit! You will have so much fun with Sari and TJ! Think I could ride in one of their suitcases?

Little Smitheys said...

dont worry about meg. I saw some pictres of her in flordia! Looks beautiful there. It snowed yesterday here.