Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another fun adventure in Puerto Rico!!

We had such a fun adventure here today! We decided to go to check out the cave system here on the north side of the island. So we drove all the way there but their tours were full for a couple of hours so we couldn't get in. We decided to kill some time at the Arecibo lighthouse that we had heard about. We were expecting a tiny light house that you can walk to, climb up, etc. We've seen a couple like that already here, no biggie. Well, this was not what we expected. It was so much fun. The lighthouse is just a small attraction. It's a really cool park that has tons of stuff for kids to see and explore. There are a bunch of playground toys as shown by picture number one. This is Rhys' first swing experience. Mostly he enjoyed it, but occasionally his face would go from smiling to worried, to smiling again. We were pushing him pretty high though, so I guess it's understandable.

Picture #2 is me at the lighthouse. It was really windy, but that was awesome cause it was also really hot, so it was bearable. It was a lovely view.

They have a fun pirate cave you can walk through. They make it look like a pirates secret hideout where they stash their treasure and do...piraty things...Inside the pirate cave was this really cool aquarium with little sharks and eels and all sorts of fish. He really liked the fish.

Here's the pirate cave. Pretty scary huh?!
Cover your eyes kids! They had this part about the ancient indigenous people who lived here. You could look at their huts, among other things, if you know what I'm saying...
They also had pirate ships that people could climb up and play on. Scott was having a good time.

We had such a fun time playing around at the park today. It was definitely one of those times where we remember how awesome it is to live here and we are thankful that we can go out and have these little adventures. We spent all our time here and totally blew off the caves that we went out to see. I love days like that!!


Cheryl said...

Looks like a fun day! You are so lucky to be on the PR adventure!! Wish we could come visit!

MegJill said...

That place looks fun! Rhys is getting so big.
Did you guys feels the earthquake this morning???

MegJill said...

Yes, I can edit your pictures! I don't have any of the cool fancy stuff like photoshop, but I will do my best. And you get the best rate. No charge, your family! I'm hoping we get to come this summer and you can give them to me then, or mail them.

mikwynnjordyla said...

Was that naked chested woman holding a plate of pancakes? I love pancakes!