Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting!!

This morning we had a ward Easter party. They did a Easter Egg hunt for all of the kids which was really fun. Rhys had so much fun looking for eggs. It was so hot though. Scott and I helped hide the eggs and by the end of hiding them we were both gross sweaty. It was really funny, Scott went into tell all the kids that we were starting the Easter egg hunt. He goes in and says, "The easter bunny finished hiding all the eggs and he got really hot so he left" and one kid yells really loud " Yeah, we can see your sweat!!"
Anywho, Rhys was so cute searching for eggs. This one is my favorite. Does it look like he's peeing to anyone else?


kynwynn said...

Oh goodness is easter that close already? How fun!

When is Easter?

Oh how would that be to be hot rite now? I haven't been hot since...well, they killed my thyriod. I'll be on the next flight to Puerto Rico.

Yeah I love that top piture. I thought he was peeing on the wall. I was like "WOW" he's already peeing standing up. My kids way behind.

Mabeys said...

So cute!!!

MegJill said...

I bet he IS peeing and you just don't want to admit it.