Monday, November 2, 2009

Rhys' First Halloween

Not only was it Rhys' first Halloween, it was our first Halloween in Puerto Rico! I'm not used to celebrating Halloween in 85 degree weather. It was fun though. This is Rhys' first cotton candy. It was really sticky because of the humidity and wherever it touched it immediately stuck there.

This is Amy, she's in my ward. She just had this beautiful baby and he and Rhys were twinners. There was another little boy wearing a skeleton costume and we tried to get them all together for a picture but he decided to have a melt down before Scott could find the camera. They're still super cute just the two of them.


MegJill said...

I can't believe you are wearing shorts on Halloween! And it snowed last week in Idaho.
Rhys looks cute in his little costume.

The Dahlstroms said...

He looks so adorable! Greg just bought the new Call of Duty game today, so I will be right there with you!