Friday, November 27, 2009

The Fruits of my Labors!!!

This is pretty much all that my blood sweat and tears amounts to. Two peas. Yippee. I tried my hand at growing a garden. I figured that things should grow really well here since it's so warm and sunny. So I decided to pull up some of the grass in my back yard, fill it with dirt and plant some seeds. Easy, right? Not so much.

First of all, I didn't realize how hot it was outside. I think I literally sweat out a gallon of water just pulling the grass out. It wasn't really hard work but about 5 minutes in, I would be dripping in sweat. Gross, huh?

Second of all, I didn't realize how much dirt it would take to fill in my small garden. I kept on having to go back to the store and buy more dirt. I started filling it in with potting soil, cause that's all I could find, until my last trip when I found topsoil. I could have saved a ton if I had found that first.

Third of all, I didn't realize how persistent Sasha would be about getting into it. I was planning on her trying to get into it so I bought a little fence to go around it to discourage her from trying. Yeah, well I must have forgotten that I have the worst Great Dane ever! Pretty much the day after I had planted she got into it and rolled around. I would have had the most beautiful straight rows of peas and corn you've ever seen, but NO, she had to mess them up. I replanted the places she ruined and reinforced the fence to discourage her, bit it didn't work. She got in again. Anyway, long story short, I had to make a new fence. But by that time, I'd had to replant a couple of times. So frustrating!!

Then Fourth of all, Puerto Rico's weather is crazy!!! It's either scorching or it's raining. It rained for like a week off and on and flooded my garden about 5 times. Here's a lovely picture of one of the times. By this point half my corn is already laying down and my peas are totally drowned. Now I realize why I haven't seen any other gardens in Puerto Rico.

Oh well. On the bright side I have gotten some peas!! 5 to be exact. All that work and 5 peas!! I have to say though, that they are the best peas I've ever had in my life!!! I'm saying lots of prayers that I'll get more than just 5 peas or I will feel completely defeated. Bested by a garden, that will be me.

This is how we spent Black Friday. No shopping for us! We took Rhys (another fruit of my labours) to the beach. He loves the beach. Anywho, he was crawling around and totally face planted into the sand. The funny thing it that he wasn't upset about it at all. Scott said he looked like the sandy Phantom of the Opera. I think I'll pulling sand out of his hair for the next week.

Ok, so total side note, what is the deal with European men and teeny tiny swimsuits? Seriously, who wants to see all of that? I mean if I go to the beach and my husbands swimsuit is smaller that mine, don't you think that's a huge read flag? We saw this couple and it completely looked like this dude had stolen his girlfriends bikini bottoms. He wasn't hiding anything! Gross! Another guy was sporting a speed-o with sparkly bling. Dudes should never wear a bedazzled sped-o. Even if you are gay (which I'm sure he was).

Here's another side note, I love seeing chubby girls on the beach. They make me feel so much better about myself. I feel so much better knowing that even if I don't look like Giselle in my board shorts at least I don't look like the chubbs who shouldn't be wearing a bikini. Insensitive, maybe, but so true.

Rhys was helping me do the laundry. SO CUTE!!


Cheryl said...

Hahahaha! thanks for the terrifying visual. Bedazzled speedo-o's!!! I remember Emily telling me that when she lived in Spain they had to be careful about what beach they went to because many of them are nude beaches. Explain that to your small child! ;p)

Melinda said...

I so agree about chubby bikini-wearers. And Rhys DOES look like the Phantom...funny! I love your garden and really commend you for even trying! I've had decent ground at/near my home for all five years of marriage and never even tried.

MegJill said...

Ahhhh, your cute little peas. Did you have them for Thanksgiving? Your garden picture is hilarious! It looks like your trying to grow cranberries under all that water.
And I will try to forget the image that came to my head when you mention sparkley speedos! Maybe they are jeweled to house the family jewels?! Or if they fit in a timy speedo is it the family jewel (no s)?