Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not sure what I think about big city life!

I am so spoiled!! I've realized that many times in my life. Our little family is in Washington, DC for about 6 weeks while Scott is on a temporary duty assignment here. They've put us up in an apartment on 8th street, which is right between the National Archives and an art museum. It's also about a block away from Scott's office so he walks to work. It's awesome!!! We are right in the middle of everything. We are in walking distance of just about anything you want to see here. I've been to the Holocaust Museum, Natural History Museum, twice, and yesterday Rhys and I went to the American History Museum. I didn't finish it (it's huge) so I have to go again sometime. Another awesome thing is that there's a pool and a gym and a courtyard that we can hang out in. Also, and here's the awesome part, we get maid service every week. They even do your dishes!! I am spoiled.
There are some downers which totally throw me off though. I'm not brave enough yet to go on the metro by myself with Rhys and I don't have a car here. I haven't figured out grocery shopping without a car. Plus it's noisy here!!! The other morning someone's car alarm was going off for about a half an hour and that was really annoying. Also, we're on the 11th floor, and anyone who knows me really well knows how much I hate elevators. They make me really ill.
So yesterday evening there was a really awesome storm here. The lightning was flashing, thunder rolling, rain pounding on the windows, etc. I was holding Rhys looking out the window and I commented to him how lucky we were not to be out in it. About 30 seconds later, the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building!!! (P.S. This is funny, it took Scott about 5 minutes to get ready to go. I was standing at the door with Rhys waiting for him while he was getting all his gear together. If it was a real fire we would have burned up.) Anyway, once we finially left, we couldn't take the elevators so we had to take the stairs down 11 flights of stairs. Once we got down all our neighbors were waiting in the hallway next the the exit cause no way in heck we were going out in that storm until we actually see flames. They eventually let us go back home once the fire department said it was ok. It was just a leaky fire sprinkler.
We're having fun so far but I am still not sure how much I love big city life. I think I'm probably a small town girl.


Melinda said...

What an experience! I wouldn't like being so high, so confined anyway...forget taking an elevator all the time! You're brave for that. Good luck figuring out groceries...I have done it with a transit system twice and it really is a challenge. LOVE those new pictures of your darling Rhys!

MegJill said...

I've ridden the metro all over D.C., but I wouldn't do it myself either! I went to Wal-Mart tonight with Aiden and Audrey, but no Brooks or Anya. I got soooo lost, and I even had the GPS! It took us over an hour just to get ice cream. This was my first time to drive here.
It's very country here, woods and deer all over town. It's a little hard to get used to, when all you're used to is desert like Idaho.
We still want to come visit you guys! If the other fam flakes out and can't come over the 4th then let us know. The 5th is Anya's B-Day, and we'd live to see the fireworks there. BUT, we'd really be coming for you guys, so we'll come whenever. We're in the middle of a big house hunt, may be making an offer on a house, and so we'll see how this goes. We'd love to be in one before you guys left so you could come see it! That might be putting too much trust in the banks paperwork efforts though. They seem to take a long time on things like that.
ANYWAY, I hope you figure out the grocery thing. I'd just wait for Scott to get home!
Hope to see you soon!

Cheryl said...

What an awesome adventure for you!! It must be exciting to live in the middle of so much history! Enjoy it!! You'll get the hang of everything before you know it!!

Lots of love!!