Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Missing everyone already!

This month is a very big month for our family. Three of the siblings and their kids are moving this month. My poor mom... Anyway, Brooks and Meg are moving to Virginia (or is it West, I can't ever remember), Sarah and TJ moved to Ely, Nevada, and we're moving to our new home soon. The movers are coming to get our stuff this week and I'm kinda freaking out. Not that I don't want to move, I do. It's just a HUGE move for our family. I said goodbye to my sibs already and I just want them to know how much I will miss them. I love you guys all so much!! I will miss being able to see you all as much and watching your kids grow (other than pictures that is). I think you are all wonderful people and I am glad that we are a forever family. Love you!!!


Cheryl said...

Oh No! I haven't even snuggled that little great nephew of mine! Your Mom and I are just going to have to come visit you!!

MegJill said...

Eva, The movers have been at our house today and let me tell you, it is WONDERFUL! You can stop freaking out, cause if you get guys that are normal and nice like we got then you will be fine. I was a little worried about them packing our undies and stuff, but they just listen to i-pods and pack away, never noticing much.
It is scary moving far away, but at least there are so many benefits now that people didn't have in the OLD days. Benefits like blogs, cell phones, etc.
It makes it a lot nicer! Plus, when people visit you get them for a longer time and with more undivided attention. Of course, you will have the beautiful beaches and scenery to compete with!
Hope to see you in D.C. soon!