Saturday, December 20, 2008


I've been informed by my lovely sister Sarah that I need to update my blog. Thanks for looking out for me Sari!! Well, it's officially a BOY!! We got another ultrasound and he wasn't quite so shy about his manhood this time. We got a really good junk shot which I will hold on to to show to all of his girlfriends one day.
Scott got into the FBI!! Finially!! It only took about 2 years of interviews and tests. But he got the call last week and he's going to Quantico, Virginia for training. Scott was extatic to tell the firm he's been working for that he quits. Yesterday was his last day and I don't think he was sad at all. He leaves January 3rd and he'll be gone for 20 weeks. The lame thing is he won't be around when the baby is born. We're really excited for him to go, but sad at the same time that he will miss me in all my birthing glory!
Scott's dad is coming home today from Iraq for Christmas. He got stuck in New York this morning, they ended up waiting on the runway for about 5 hours so he's going to be a little late getting in. All of Scott's family is going to be here for Christmas to see their dad so it's going to be really crazy out here in Sweet for a while!!


Mabeys said...

Thanks for doing a new post! Tell Scott congrats and I'll stand in for him on baby-day (but there is no way I am going to watch baby actually come out!! Ewww)

Melinda said...

How exciting! A boy for sure! And holy wow; I had no IDEA that Scott was even trying to get into the FBI. Huge congratulations! When in March are you due...maybe our kids can share a year-apart birthday!

MegJill said...

Cogratulations to Scott and making in the FBI!!! I bet he is SOOO excited! It's not any fun to have a husband who dislikes his job, so this should be good for all of you.
Okay, what is it with hubbies being gone when the babies are born??? I think Brooks started a trend in the family. Hopefully Mike will get to be home for Kynwynn's baby.
Oh, and I'm hoping that where ever you move it is close to where we move! At least on the same side of the country. That would be nice.