Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's a Boy...probably

Scott and I just had our 20 week ultrasound done on the baby. It was being stubborn and wouldn't give us a good view of its junk. Just being modest I guess. The doctor is 80% sure that it is a boy. So we'll say it's a boy until they tell us otherwise. We're really excited about having a boy first. The doctor says that the baby is bigger than average as well. He's in the top 30% of weight at this point in pregnancy. Hopefully that means I don't have to squeeze out a 12 pound baby!!
We got a picture of his face and he's seriously creepy looking. He looks like skelator right now!! It's like half of his skull with a huge eyeball. I'm sure he looks better than that for real, but the picture is a little freaky! We'll just let him keep cooking for a while, get a bit cuter and all.


Cheryl said...

Hang on to that skeletor picture!! It will be fun to pull it out in a few years! I wish that I could see it!!

So, what names do you have picked out for your little boy?

MegJill said...

Glad to see you caught on to the blogging craze! It's a good way to keep in touch and share pictures.
Sasha has gotten so big! Watch out or she will eat your little Skelator, who I'm sure will look cuter when he's done cooking. I remember looking at Aiden's ultrasound picture and thinking he looked like he had a beak. I was truly scared, and so happy when he was born without one.

Melinda said...

Congratulations...we way out here had no idea!! Now that I've found this, I'm going to keep coming back in hopes of more pictures and news of this exciting baby boy!