Saturday, February 11, 2012

My 11 on 11

11 pictures over 11 hours on the 11th of the month.

Carrie Andelin does 10 pictures on the 10th. Ya'll should check out her blog She's so cute. (Yes Carrie, you're way cute, and I check your blog religiously!) So I was inspired to do a Puerto Rican version today. Enjoy!

We spent our Saturday bummin' around at home. It was nice and chill.

8:36 am. Breakfast!!! Animal shapes for Rhys and normal squares for me.

9:25 am. Practicing acrobatics. He's doing flips and jumping on the couch from the coffee table.

10:10 am. Having the rest of breakfast for a snack.

10:53 am. Bring on the sunscreen! Two pools, a slip and slide, buckets, and a water gun. Elsa loved her little pool (see video on previous post)!

11:46 am. Still going strong! Rhys is showing us his jumping into the pool skills. It was really funny. He counts himself down before he runs. He says, "one, two, six, seven, gooo!!!"

1:15 pm. Snack time. Although he had lunch about 30 minutes before, he's ready for a snack, and that's what he wants.

2:28 pm. Kids are in nap time. I found this cute felt headband kit at Capri the other day so I put it together. Looks pretty cute on the ball, right?

3:34 pm. Rhys and I take a walk toward the mailbox to look for some lizards. The neighbors orchids are blooming and beautiful.

4:00 pm. Elsa is awake from her nap and I try on the headband I just made and realize it looks ridiculous. I think she realizes how silly it looks on her and wants it off ASAP. It was still fun making it though, and maybe I can do something with it to make it look less silly.

5:52 pm. Showing off her first forehead bruise. Scott was watching her and she faceplanted off the couch onto the tile. He felt really bad.
When she was just learning to scoot around she fell off the bed on my watch. Scott teases me about it still. While I'm not glad she got hurt at least now he can't give me crap for the bed incident anymore. Now we're even!

6:42 pm. Taking an evening stroll. It's so nice here in the winter. It's still not oppressively hot and you can actually go outside and play without getting heatstroke. The evenings are so nice. It's really nice to take the kids and the dog for a walk before bed to kinda wind down.

Hope you enjoyed my 11 on 11!! Seriously, check out Carrie's blog and her 10 at 10. It's always so cute.


MegJill said...

Love your 11 pictures on the 11th!
I can't find your friends blog though. Want to text the address sometimes?
Poor little Elsa and her head! It;s so sad when they get their first bumps and bruises. You just feel so bad for them. Tonight Audrey fell backwards in a wooden chair and her and the chair landed on top of Sabriel who was crawling below. I felt sooooo bad for Sabriel. She has a huge bump on the back of her head where the chair got her.
And that is just crazy how nice it is there in the winter! We got our first decent snow today and everything got cancelled. Hahaha.... That's how they are here when it snows. Strangely, we are becoming that way now too. :)

carrie said...

Hahaha. Thanks for the compliments, Eva! I loved seeing your day. Is Rhys in undies already? Man, I've gotta get Jiles going with that. It looks sooooo nice over there! Poor Elsa's head. Tile is not so forgiving. Her laugh is sure dang cute, though. When I was watching the video of she and Rhys in the pool, I thought that I could be watching Zoe and Jiles. They're like twinners. :)

carrie said...

P.S. The head band is adorable. Too bad she wouldn't keep it on.

Mabeys said...

Fun! I loved it!