Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Beautiful Baby Turns 2!!

Can you believe it? I'm the mother of a two year old, with another little one on the way. I'm getting so old!!!!! It's been a wonderful two years, and man, has it flown by! Rhys is a happy healthy two year old and we are so blessed to have him.
We decided to do something small for him this year, since he doesn't really get what birthdays are yet. We just did some fun activities for him, most of them involving lots and lots of sugar. The day before his birthday we had fun making sugar cookies, and he helped by licking off the mixer beater and getting covered in sugary dough. It was the best. Then after dinner on his birthday (pancakes with maple syrup) we decorated the cookies. He managed to decorate about 3 cookies total and the rest of the time was spent eating the decorations.

After loading him with sugary pancakes and cookies we sang happy birthday and gave him a cupcake with candles to blow out (more sugar!!). He only ate a tiny bit of his cupcake. I think by that point he was in total sugar overload. But the most awesome thing about this kid, is you can pack him full of sugar and he still goes to bed like a champ. He won't nap, but he never fights bed time. I love this kid.
Whenever dad gets Rhys for bed, he likes to have him throw his old diaper away before he puts on the clean one. Well, after he threw the diaper away, Rhys got distracted by his bike instead of going back to get his diaper on. I thought it was so cute. Plus the fact that he has awesome tan lines. Look at that white booty!!
Our friends the Bergs brought this for Rhys when they came to see us a couple months ago. One day Rhys just decided that he wanted to wear it. They are from Alaska so of course it's a moose hat. He was really cute wearing this hat. When he took it off he had the craziest hair cause his head had gotten all sweaty. It's a pretty toasty hat for Puerto Rico.


Heather said...

He is so cute! Happy Birthday Rhys! Love the tan lines, that's hilarious.

Ben or Sarah said...

wow, I didn't know you had a 2 year old. That's crazy. and that you live in PR. Cool.