Saturday, January 2, 2010

El Yunque!!!

Today we had the chance to check out El Yunque! It's a rainforest up in the mountains here. It is so beautiful. We found a little hiking trail that goes to a sweet waterfall. It was really slick and muddy and we were pretty lucky that neither of us took a spill down the hill. Once we got to the waterfall it was majorly beautiful and we were the only ones there to enjoy it.
p.s. it totally looks like I'm letting Rhys play on rocks covered with bird poop, but it's not. It's not bird poop I promise!! It's just the way the rocks look!

My Boys!!
Scott was playing Tarzan


Mabeys said...

Beautiful! Let's go there, too, when we come!! Rhysy is getting sooooooo cute!

MegJill said...

And when we come! Whenever that may be....
And what are you guys doing in shorts and playing outside in the water! Don't you know it's JANUARY!! :)

Par 5 said...'s for random...What are you doing in PR? Isn't that a little far from home? I just stumbled onto your blog from Sarah's and saw that you're not just on vacation! What's your story?