Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Could I get some cold water please?

You know how the longer you run the hot water the hotter it gets? Well the same thing happens here with the cold water. It starts off luke warm and just gets hotter and hotter. It is never cold! I never thought it would be impossible to get cold water out of the tap, but it is!! I give Rhys baths in straight "cold" water and its the perfect temperature for him. It's the weirdest thing ever!! Just one of the crazy things we've experienced so far living in PR.
We finally found a house here. It is really awesome. The economy is bad here, just like the rest of the country. The people here are having a hard time getting renters into their places, so they have dramatically dropped the prices on their houses. We benefit a lot from their desperation. The house we're renting used to sell for almost half a million dollars, and we can afford to rent it. We also convinced them to build us a fence and hook us up with all the appliances. That just shows how desperate they are just to get someone in there. So kudos for us. Anyway, I am really excited to move in and have people come and visit us!!


Mabeys said...

Fun!!! I want to come visit!

MegJill said...

You need to post pictures of your place! Where is it? San Juan? And yes, I am envious that you are actually moving out of the hotel!!! I want to visit right now, but I guess we better get the fam into a house first.
Weird about the water. I wonder why. When I was there we weren't allowed to drink the water because it was all contaminated from the hurricane. Has Scott started work there yet? Has the dog arrived?

Cheryl said...

Can't wait to see some pictures of this mansion of yours! I want to come visit!!